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Wrong parameters for EPSG:3844 in spatial_ref_sys

Reported by: gix Owned by: pramsey
Priority: medium Milestone: PostGIS 2.0.1
Component: postgis Version: 2.0.x
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The transformation parameters between S42 and WGS84 datums wihch are listed inside the EPSG:3844 definition (TOWGS84[33.4,-146.6,-76.3,-0.359,-0.053,0.844,-0.84]) are valid for Poland, not for Romania. You can see this in the EPSG database: Coordinate Transformation with code 1645: Area of use = Poland - onshore.

The correct parameters for datum transformation in the case of EPSG:3844 are listed in the EPSG database with coordinate transformation code = 15995. These are: 2.329,-147.042,-92.08,0.309,-0.325,-0.497,5.69

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comment:1 by pramsey, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at r9853, thanks.

comment:2 by rouault, 12 years ago

I've created , since those kind of issues originate from libgeotiff, and then cascade to GDAL and PostGIS. At the next EPSG refresh, there's a risk of that change to be lost if not fixed in libgeotiff.

comment:3 by tudorbarascu, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closedreopened

Actually, r9853 introduced bigger errors because the coordinate transformation parameters given by the Romanian National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration ( ) are given for the Coordinate Frame Rotation method ( and as proj4 uses the (Position Vector transformation) the sign of the rotation parameters needs to change so that it works in proj4 as referenced at

This is clear from the EPSG database.

SELECT c.coord_op_name, c.coord_op_method_code, a.parameter_value, b.parameter_name
 FROM epsg_coordoperationparamvalue a LEFT JOIN epsg_coordoperationparam b ON a.parameter_code = b.parameter_code
 LEFT JOIN epsg_coordoperation c on a.coord_op_code = c.coord_op_code
 WHERE a.coord_op_code = 15994;
         coord_op_name          | coord_op_method_code | parameter_value |   parameter_name   
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |          2.3287 | X-axis translation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |       -147.0425 | Y-axis translation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |        -92.0802 | Z-axis translation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |       0.3092483 | X-axis rotation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |     -0.32482185 | Y-axis rotation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |     -0.49729934 | Z-axis rotation
 Pulkovo 1942(58) to ETRS89 (4) |                 9607 |      5.68906266 | 

So, the correct parameters should be:


and not as it's now in Postgis - with incorrect rotation parameters


As I am not at all familiar with SVN, can someone with commit rights can make the appropriate changes. If you think it would be better for me to do this I will study how to do it and make a.. pull request Thanks a lot! Tudor

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comment:4 by pramsey, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: reopenedclosed

Changes made directly to spatial_ref_sys in 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, svntrunk at r14827, r14828, r14829, r14830 respectively. Still need fixes in upstream libgeotiff scripts to correctly differentiate positional vector rotation from frame rotation when generating the spatial_ref_sys file from raw epsg database.

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