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OSSIM Code Provenance Review

The OSSIM code base has been reviewed. The provenance review needs to follow the guidelines put forward in:

OSSIM Library/Component? Review

  • No external libraries are included in the source tree.

Code Copyright Review

The objective here is to visit every source file, and identify possible issues, and work to "regularize" things.

  • Does the file include the license information? If not, add it if there there is no ambiguity about whether the standard project license applies. If that is not obvious, make notes in the review document.
    • Most c/cpp files in the SVN repository have a header. Most java files and some .h files do not. Have requested that Scott Bortman start adding those files to the OMAR/Java section.
  • Is the file under the normal project license? If not, make notes in the review document.
    • Not all projects in the repository use the same license, but that should not be an issue. Files within the same project share the same license.
  • Is there anything obviously unusual about the origin of the code? Does this pose any conflicts? Is the issue properly described in the source file?
    • No unusual origins noted.
  • Maintain a list of all copyright holders identified in the review document. This list is essentially everyone who would need to agree to relicense the project.
    • Copyright Holders: Mark Lucas, Garrett Potts, Dave Burken, Scott Bortman

Most files contain a notice of the form:

// License:  See top level LICENSE.txt file.
// Author:  Garrett Potts