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OSSIM Committer Guidelines

Do no harm, make it better, coordinate and communicate with the other developers.

  • Coordinate your intentions and changes through the mailing list - especially for significant changes
  • Make your changes on the current version in the repository
  • Review your code to avoid intellectual property issues
  • Give credit and pointers in the comments when using code from other sources
  • When adding new files, post the names of the files to the mailing list so they can be added to the other build systems
  • Test your changes, where practical add unit tests
  • Ask someone to check the build and check for missing checkins
  • Discuss interface changes prior to implementation with the other members of the team
  • When in doubt, ask
  • Encourage and support other contributors in the community

The formal code review of the OSSIM baseline was completed on 10 Aug 07. All commiters are responsible for reviewing their submissions for compliance with the LGPL licensing and avoidance of any patent or copyright issues in the OSSIM baseline.