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     2== **OSSIM Command Line Interface**
     4Provides access to many high-level functions available in OSSIM and associated plugins.
     7    ossim-cli <command> [command options and parameters]  \\
     8    ossim-cli --spec <command-spec-file>\\
     9    ossim-cli --version\\
     10    ossim-cli help <command> -- To get help on specific command.
     12Available commands:
     14  atp -- Provides automatic tiepoint generation functionality. This tool uses JSON format to communicate requests and results.\\
     15  bandmerge -- Merges multiple band files into a single RGB image.\\
     16  dem -- Provides DEM generation functionality. This tool uses JSON format to communicate requests and results.\\
     17  hillshade -- Computes shaded representation of input elevation surface with specified lighting parameters.\\
     18  hlz -- Computes bitmap of helicopter landing zones given ROI and DEM.\\
     19  info -- Dumps metadata information about input image and OSSIM in general.\\
     20  ortho -- Utility for orthorectifying and reprojecting image data.\\
     21  pointcloud -- Utility class for generating point-cloud-derived image products.\\
     22  potrace -- Computes vector representation of input raster image.\\
     23  remap -- Performs remap to 8-bit including optional histogram stretch and saves the corresponding external geometry file.\\
     24  shoreline -- Computes bitmap of water versus land areas in an input image.\\
     25  slope -- Utility for computing the slope at each elevation post and generating a corresponding slope image.\\
     26  subimage -- Tool for extracting a sub-image from a full image. No reprojection is done. Presently, the subimage geometry is represented by an RPC replacement model until generic models can support subimage chipping.\\
     27  vertices -- Utility for determining the active image corner vertices inside larger null-filled image rectangle.\\
     28  viewshed -- Computes bitmap image representing the viewshed from specified location using only DEM information.
     30ossim-cli provides a "tool" plugin design that enables high-level functionality to be included via plugin libraries. The plugin will need to register the tool (i.e., the class executing the functionality) with the tool registry.