ossimPlanet is a 3D Geospatial viewer built on top of OpenSceneGraph, libwms and OSSIM. Inspired by BlueMarbleViewer, ossimPlanet extends geospatial viewing with access to native geospatial formats, Elevation data sets, and OGC Web Mapping Services (WMS) interfaces over the web. osgPlanet is a C++ library and includes ossimplanetviewer as a demonstration. ossimplanet_qt wraps the basic functionality inside a Trolltech qt gui application. The current version support staging of local geospatial files, remote access of OGC WMS layers, and navigation to street addresses through the geocoding menu item. osgEphemeris has also been recently incorporated providing a skydome and current time/location positioning of the Sun, moon, and stars when the camera is under approximately 40,000’ .

ossimPlanet provides native file access to a wide variety of geospatial data sets - including raster, vector, and elevation formats. It differs from other 3D global viewers in that it is not a simple texture mapped sphere - instead geo-spatially tagged files can be be accurately placed over geoids and elevation surfaces that have been loaded into the system. Data can be loaded from file systems on the network or remotely through OGC WMS interfaces.

The project is in its beginning phases and was demonstrated at OSG 05 in Minneapolist Mn. A windows installer is currently available at the OSSIM Downloads page. Source code is available through CVS, you can browse it here or check it out with the ossimPlanet tag.

Beginning documentation and Windows binary installers available here

At this point, the best place to go is to sign up on the #ossimPlanet channel on

ossimPlanet uses OSSIM for direct access to geospatial data sets and it uses OpenSceneGraph for advanced 3D visualization. It therefore builds on the substantial strength of both of those packages. Look at the ossimPlanet Image Gallery for some snapshots of osgPlanet in work.



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