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OSSIM Command Line Applications

The following command line applications are distributed with OSSIM.

Core Programs

  • ossim-info Used display metadata for imagery, maps, terrain, and vector data.
  • orthoigen Used to orthorectify, mosaic, and convert raster data between different formats. It provides a number of operations including subsetting, resampling, histogram matching, and reprojection of data.
  • img2rr Used to create overviews.
  • create-histo Used to compute a histogram.
  • cmm Used to determine the min/max pixel values of an image.
  • band-merge Used to merge multiple image files into a single n-band dataset.
  • icp Used to translate an image from one format to another.
  • igen Used to execute image chains specified in a spec file.

Elevation Tools


Utilities to Create Geom Files

Utilities to Create Grid Files

Legacy Metadata Utilities

Most of these apps have been rolled into ossim-info