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    33== 2011 ==
     4'''PyOSSIM: Python bindings for OSSIM'''
     6Student : Vipul Raheja
     7Mentor  : Massimo Di Stefano
    49The aim is to expose the OSSIM and OSSIMPlanet API to Python in order to extend their functionalities to other essential GIS and remote sensing analysis tools like GRASS, QuantumGIS and libraries like GDAL etc. The software package consists of:
    1015OSSIM already has some API exposed using the SWIG interface as wrapper. Hence, The Python bindings for the core library will be used to write a toolbox based on the OSSIM function as an extension to GRASS and QGIS for image analysis while the python bindings for the OSSIMPlanet API will be used to extend the [ PlanetSasha] functionalities inside the respective GRASS and QGIS plug-in.
    12 Student : Vipul Raheja
     17== 2012 ==
     18'''Complex Image Processing Chain and Under Water Image Processing using [Gsoc2012 PyOSSIM] '''
     20Student : Mohammed Rashad K.M
    1321Mentor  : Massimo Di Stefano
    15 == 2012 ==
    16 '''Complex Image Processing Chain and Under Water Image Processing using [GsocPyOssim PyOSSIM] '''
    17 [[BR]]
    18 Proposed by rashadkm
    2023The idea is to create complex image processing chain using the OSSIM python bindings ''pyossim''. This includes adding python inteface for all the ossim-executables (ossim-igen, ossim-orthoigen, ossim-mosaic, ...). The work will add 'numpy-array' capabilities into pyossim as exchanging formast to include python-gdal and pyOpenCV to solve image processing problems for under water images processing (develop methods for : Bayer Demosaicing, Light detrend, color correction on raw tiff CCD images). [[BR]]
    2225For testing purpose, raw CCD images and relative camera metadata (focal length, distance from the ground, roll, pitch, gain etc..) from the [ Habcam] project will be used. [[BR]]
     28== 2013 ==
     29'''Oceanography Circulatory model for OSSIM using [Gsoc2012 PyOSSIM] and [ PlanetSasha]'''
    2431Student : Mohammed Rashad K.M
    2532Mentor  : Massimo Di Stefano
    27 == 2013 ==
    28 '''Oceanography Circulatory model for OSSIM using [GsocPyOssim PyOSSIM] and [ PlanetSasha]'''
    3134The main idea is to develop an intuitive tool to read-process-display online data sources, available in netcdf format.
    3235The tool will be able to decode the “get capabilities” of dataservices like Thredds, allow variables selection and execute spatio temporal queries on netcdf resources. All processing will be done in python using pyossim ([ GSoC-2011]/[ 2012]) and Necdf4, while [ PlanetSasha] (GSoC 2009) and [ PyGRASS] (GSoC-2012) will be used to develop the user interface and imporove the OSSIMPlanet-GRASS comunication. The output generated is sent to OSSIMPlanet for visualization. The GUI will consist of a  tool for spatio/temporal query and data selection and a set of controllers to add/remove data from the ossimplanet canvas including the ability to start/stop animation of time series of raster data.