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OSSIM GSoC 2014 Ideas

  • Vector modules for OSSIM

Most of the focus of OSSIM was on imagery and less support for vector data could be seen as of now. Some work has been done in past to add vector support. See ossimVector bitbucket repository. It would be a nice idea to integrate this into ossim base.

Willing to Mentor: Rashad M <mohammedrashadkm * gmail * com>

  • Add Visual Chain Editor to OSSIMPlanet/OSSIMGui (Qt4)

VCE has been very useful in OSSIMPlanet which was written in Qt3. Perhaps its worth to have a look at [http:://‎ Orange] and to mimic or integrate it. It would be nice to have VCE in OSSIMPlanet or OSSIMGui.

Willing to Mentor: Rashad M <mohammedrashadkm * gmail * com>