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Where has OSGeoLive been used? Please tell us. A history of wide use provides justification for future developers to include, and improve their application on OSGeoLive.

See also Live GIS Testimonials.

Template Questions

  • date of the event or training course, or program
  • City, Country
  • link to webside
  • OSGeoLive handed out to attendees? How many?
  • USBs, DVDs, or VMs used? How many?
  • OSGeoLive lightning overview presented? To how many people? Was it a plenary event? If not, what percentage of the attendees attended this talk? Did you get any feedback? What did you hear?
  • OSGeoLive used for workshops or training programs? What did the workshop/training cover. Was the USB/DVD or VM used? Were attendees computers used? If so, what operating systems were they running? How long did it take to set up? Were there any issues?
  • Any suggestions on what we can do to improve OSGeoLive for future?
  • Contact: person (usually coordinator) who can be contacted to ask further questions


21. - 25. March 2018 FOSSGIS Bonn (Germany)

xx persons in xx workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?

OSGeoLive will be used with ....

  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]


26.- 28. September 2017 INTERGEO Berlin

  • 26.-28.September 2017
  • Berlin, Germany
  • OSGeo Park at INTERGEO booth and presentation area. 6 computer were visitor could try out OSGeoLive 11.0
  • +- 100 OSGeoLive USB thumbs were handed out to visitor
  • OSGeoLive postcards: +-500 PostCards
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

14 - 19 August 2017 FOSS4G Europe, Boston MA (USA)

Workshops will use OSGeoLive 11.0

  • Hand out OSGeoLive 11.0 to all delegates, bootable USB
  • Contact: [[User:Gsteinmon | Guido Stein]], conference chair

18 - 22 July 2017 FOSS4G Europe, Paris

  • 18 - 22 July 2017
  • Paris (Marne-la-Vallée), France
  • 330 attendees, 100+ presentations
  • 180 attendees to 15 workshops
  • OSGeoLive was promoted
  • Hand out OSGeoLive 10.5 to all delegates, bootable USB
  • Workshops used OSGeoLive 10.5
  • Great OSGeo Code Sprint worked on OSGeoLive 11.0 to get the version ready for FOSS4G 2017
  • Contact: [[User:Djay|Gérald Fenoy]], conference chair

5.- 7. July 2017 AGIT Salzburg

  • 5.-7.July 2017
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • OSGeo Park USB thumbs with OSGeoLive will be sold, information about OSGeo projects
  • OSGeoLive postcards: 500 PostCards
  • Workshops about QGIS, Mapbender3 and How to setup a GDI with Open Source Software: will people work with OSGeoLive workshop page, +-100 participants will work with OSGeoLive
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

26th May 2017 OSGeo Ireland – 1st National Symposium 2017

22. - 25. March 2017 FOSSGIS Passau (Germany)

152 persons in 17 workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?

OSGeoLive will be used with Virtual Machine with QEMO

  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

22 - 24 February 2017 WLIA Conference, USA

6 - 11 February 2017 FOSS4G IT, Italy


24. - 26. August 2016 FOSS4G Bonn 2016

  • Bonn, Germany
  • Contact: info@…
  • get information at FOSS4G_2016_OSGeo_Booth
  • 250 + 50 OSGeoLive USBs handed out to delegates and students,
  • OSGeoLive 10.0 was used in most of the workshops with great success. OSGeoLive was installed on the workshop notebooks
  • Notebooks with OSGeoLive installed were used as presentation notebooks
  • many OSGeoLive postcards were given to the delegates
  • a group of people worked at the FOSS4G OSGeo Code Sprint on OSGeoLive FOSS4G_2016_Code_Sprint

6.- 8. July 2016 AGIT Salzburg

  • 6.-8.July 2016
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • OSGeo Park USB thumbs with OSGeoLive were sold, information about OSGeo projects
  • OSGeoLive postcards: 500 PostCards
  • Workshops about PostGIS, Mapbender3 and How to setup a GDI with Open Source Software: people work with OSGeoLive nUSB thumb workshop page, +-100 participants working with OSGeoLive
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

04. - 06. July 2016 FOSSGIS Salzburg

  • Hand out OSGeoLive 250 postcards to all delegates
  • > Workshops will take place, most of them will use OSGeoLive

+-130 persons in the workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?

OSGeoLive was used with Virtual Box in the Workshops USB Sticks were given to the participants if interested

  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

24. May 2016 Geospatial World Forum


November 27th 2015 FOSS4G.HU

October 3 2015 24dev-demo for OSGeo Live DVD

  • A set of customizable Addon prototyping scripts for the OSGeo Live DVD.
  • Users can install 24dev applications to a live OSGeo DVD via running one script.
  • Users can rename the base directory and re-run the install script to update profiles.
  • The install script creates a backup tar file.
  • The scripts can display custom license/release files for each application.
  • OSD users are encouraged to fork new release via github renamed as: 24dev-.
  • The program documentation/files are located at:

October 5th-9th 2015 Digital Earth 2015

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia · Canada
  • OSGeoLive workshop?
  • Contact: Dirk Werle (conference chair), Brian Hamlin and Jeff McKenna (OSGeoLive presenters)

28/29 September 2015: GFOSS DAY 2015

  • Lecco, Italy
  • OSGeoLive used for workshop using virtual machine
  • USB Sticks were given to the participants
  • Contact: Luca Delucchi

23-24 September 2015: GiS in the Rockies

  • Denver, USA
  • OSGeoLive referenced in FOSS4G track at GIS in the Rockies conference
  • Contact: Rafael Moreno-sanchez

14-19 September 2015: FOSS4G 2015

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Contact: Sanghee Shin
  • OSGeoLive USBs handed out, OSGeoLive used in a number of the workshops

15-17 September 2015, INTERGEO 2015 Stuttgart (Germany)

11-13 August 2015, Geomatics Indaba 2015

  • Ekurhuleni, South Africa
  • distribution of 800 OSGeoLive 8.5 DVDs in delegate bags
  • Contact: [[User:Gfleming|Gavin Fleming]]

27-31 July, 2015: GIS Training at IAEA

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Workshop on GIS for agricultural pest control
  • OSGeo Live was install as virtual machine on participants computers
  • Training focused on QGIS and Spatialite
  • Contact: [[User:micha|Micha Silver]]

13-18 July 14, 2015: FOSS4G Europe

  • Como, Italy
  • Workshops, Conference, Codesprint
  • Contact: Maria Antonia Brovelli

8.-10. July 2015 AGIT Salzburg (Austria)

  • 8.-10.July 2015
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • OSGeo Park USB thumbs with OSGeoLive were sold, information about OSGeo projects
  • OSGeoLive postcards: 500 PostCards
  • OSGeoLive presentation by Astrid Emde (german) presentation
  • Workshops about PostGIS (> 30 attendees) and Mapbender3 (>30 attendees): people worked with OSGeoLive 8.5 USB thumb workshop page
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

8-10. June 2015 FOSS4G India 2015, IIRS Dehradun, India

OSGeo-India tweaked the Live DVD to also contain the Digital Proceedings of the Conference (full papers and abstracts) and it was made available to all the Participants. My humble self mentioned in my inaugural presentation that the essence of all OSGeo and OS-GIS software are tucked into the live DVD. It was also emphasised that the Live-DVD is a way of seeing all the software run on one's computer / Laptop without soiling it by booting with it. Use of Virtual Machine on certain operating systems, which are not boot-friendly to the Live-DVD was also mentioned. As usual the conference acknowledges the untiring effort by ( who keep the DVD afresh with all latest OS-GIS.

11. - 13. May 2015 Symposium Königslutter - Angewandte Kartographie - Geovisualisierung

  • Königslutter (Germany)
  • Workshop on OSGeoLive:

Workshop with OSGeoLive from USB 10 attendees

1-3 June 2015: CalGIS

11. - 13. March 2015 FOSSGIS

see also

  • Hand out OSGeoLive 500 postcards to all delegates
  • > 21 Workshops will take place, most of them will use OSGeoLive

239 persons in the workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?

USB Sticks USB Sticks were given to the participants

  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

March 2015 Leeds MSc course

9-11 March 2015 FOSS4G-NA

  • Burlingame, California, USA
  • Contact Andrew Ross

31 January 2015 FOSDEM

  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • 31 January & 1 February 2015
  • Presentation: From Debian-GIS to OSGeo live and back
  • Description: Debian GIS is a project with the goal of making Debian the best distribution for Geographical Information System applications.

OSGeo live ( is a self-contained bootable dvd, usb thumb drive or virtual machine based on Lubuntu, that allows you to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything. It also contains a set of uniform documentation (description and quickstarts) to guide people around the different projects. Even though OSGeo live is based on the packages in Debian, both projects diverted and where OSGeo live managed to get a large (100+) community of contributors, progress in Debian GIS was stalling. Recently however, a new wind is blowing in Debian GIS (among others with the Debian pure blends initiative) and many changes from OSGeo live are being incorporated back into Debian. Apart from presenting both projects I will highlight some problems people encounter when they would like to add their package to Debian GIS, and how Debian pure blends try to solve this.


2-5 December 2014, FOSS4G Asia

  • Bankok, Thailand
  • OSGeoLive lightning talk presented.
  • planning to use OSGeoLive at the workshop.
  • Planning to distribute OSGeoLive DVDs in the conference kit.
  • Contact: Venkatesh Raghavan, Heegu Park

28 November 2014, Illinois State GIS Association Annual Conference

  • Chicago, Illinois, US
  • OSGeoLive presentation given, which was well attended, with a number of people coming and asking questions afterwards.
  • Handed out 23 OSGeoLive USBs
  • Contact: Bob Basques

21 November 2014, FOSS4G Hungary Conference

6 November 2014, beOpenGISfr

7-9 October 2014, INTERGEO 2014

8-13 September 2014, International FOSS4G

  • Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Contact: ?
  • 300 8Gig OSGeoLive USBs handed out from the OSGeo Booth.
  • OSGeoLive VM used for many of the workshops.

2-3 September 2014, OSGIS 2014

27-28 August 2014 FOSS4G Korea

  • COEX, Seoul, Korea
  • Handed out OSGeoLive DVDs
  • Contact: Sanghee Shin

21-25 July, 2014. Urban Informatics Postgraduate Elective

  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • USB stick with OSGeoLive 7.9 was handed out to 25 enrolled students
  • Students had a choice of USB or VM
  • Contact: A/Prof Chris Pettit, Dr Jack Barton

15.-17. July 2014 FOSS4G-Euope

7-11 July 2014, Fifth Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School

  • Girona, Spain
  • The Summer School is focused on the development and creation of Open Web Services and Web Applications, especially on the publication of data on the web. With this goal, the programme will cover topics related to the acquisition and importation of OpenStreetMap data into a spatial database, creation of geospatial web services and development of internet viewers for publishing geospatial data.

The course has been designed and will be conducted on a GNU/Linux operating system based on the use of the OSGeoLive DVD

1-3 July 2014, AfricaGeo

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • presentation and paper based on OSGeoLive (and distribution of ~550 OSGeoLive DVDs in delegate bags)
  • Contact: [[User:Gfleming|Gavin Fleming]], Tim Sutton

ANLiegen Natur (journal: article - print and online)

  • journal focused on applied nature conservation (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • June 2015
  • journal: ANLiegen Natur 36(1)
  • Open Data und freie und offene Geographische Informationssysteme (FOSSGIS) – ein Werkzeug für den (ehrenamtlichen) Naturschutz?
  • Open Data and free and open source software for geographic information systems (FOSSGIS) – a tool for (voluntary) nature conservation?
  • article
  • Contact: [[User:hellik|Helmut Kudrnovsky]]

17-20 June 2014, USFWS National GIS Workshop

10-13 June 2014, OGRS 2014

2-4 July 2014, AGIT26

20-22 May 2014 FOSS4G-FR

  • Paris, France
  • Contact: Vicent Picavet

21 May 2014 QLD Open Source Spatial Workshop

27 April – 2 May, 2014 European Geosciences Union General Assembly

26-28 March 2014, 8as Jornadas de SIG Libre (Spanish FOSS4G)

Introduction to QGIS Integration of Free Geospatial Technologies Introduction to python for geospatial applications Introduction to MapProxy Developing mobile applications with Glob3 mobile SDK Creating Web Applications with AngularJS AND LeafletJS

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?


  • Contact: [[User:Lluís|Lluís Vicens]]

19. - 21. March 2014 FOSSGIS

204 persons in the workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?


  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

23 February 2014 FOSS4G Sri Lanka

  • Malabe, Sri Lanka
  • OSGeoLive Presentation including demo of OSGeoLive
  • Handed out OSGeo Live 7.0 DVDs
  • Contact: Nimalika Fernando

1-2 February 2014 FOSDEM

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Presentation of OSGeo Live Overview on a screen, event was attended by ~5000 people, OSGeo stand got visit of at least 500 (all marketing material was given away)
  • Contact: Anne Ghisla

23-25 January 2014 Societal GIS training workshop


4-6 December 2013, National Seminar on 'Remote Sensing and GIS for Environment', India

14-15 November 2013, FOSS4G Korea 2013

  • Seoul, Korea
  • OSGeo Live DVD will be distributed at the FOSS4G Korea venue and through KAOS-G booth at Smart GeoExpo Korea 2013.
  • Contact: [[User:sanghee|Sanghee Shin]]

4-8 November 2013, AfricaGIS 2013 / GSDI 14

8-10 October 2013, INTERGEO 2013

  • Essen, Germany
  • it is planned to hand out 500 OSGeo 7.0 DVDs
  • slides about OSGeoLive in FOSSGIS e.V. presentation
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

24 - 26 Sept 2013, Asian Geospatial Forum 2013

19 - 21 Sept 2013, INCA-33 International Congress India

17-21 September 2013, FOSS4G

  • Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • 800 Live DVDs were created, available at the main reception desk and used in workshops
  • Contact: Steven Feldman

25-30 August 2013, International Cartographic Conference

8-12 July 2013, Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School

3-5 July 2013, AGIT25

10 June 2013, FROG (FRancophone Opensource Geomatique)

12.-14. June 2013 FOSSGIS

5 - 20 persons in the workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used?


  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

17-19 June 2013, FOSS4G-CEE 2013

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • OSGeoLive 6.5 (or higher) DVDs will be handed out to all participants (conference target: 300)
  • Some workshops are expected to make use of OSGeoLive (call for workshops opens June 13th)
  • A OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation is welcome (call for presentations opens June 13th)
  • Contact: Vasile Crăciunescu

21 May 2013, Location Intelligence Conference

  • Washington DC, United States
  • OSGeoLive presentation by [[User:Amyonthemap|Amy Gao]]

29-30 April, 2013 GIS In Action

  • April 29 to May 1, 2013,
  • Portland, Oregon
  • (website is reused every year, site)
  • The DVD was used to run demos at the booth. A limited number of copies were available to hand out to people who seemed very interested.
  • The PDX-OSGeo chapter also helps organize an Open Source Track at GIS In Action which was very popular. This year, there was not a specific talk about the LiveDVD although it is often mentioned as a great way to try out software that people ask about.
  • On May 2, there was an unconference where the LiveDVD was frequently referenced.
  • Contact: [[User:EliL | EliL]]

24 April, 2013 FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013

10 April, 2013 EGU 2013

6-8 March 2013, Jornadas de SIG Libre (Spanish FOSS4G2013)

17-18 January 2013, WhereCampEU


4-7 December 2012, Open Source Developers Conference

22-24 November 2012, PhilGEOS 2012

  • Quezon City, Philippines
  • Over 60 participants joined 8 workshops and 3 lightning talks. The OSGeo Live project was also presented in one of the parallel technical sessions in the main conference. Likewise, an exhibit booth was installed during the PhilGEOS conference for OSGeo and OpenStreetMap. Over ~50 OSGeo Live DVDs were handed out to conference participants.
  • Contact: Maning Sambale

19-23 November 2012, LatinOSGIS

17-18 November 2012, OpenGIS

  • Moscow, Russia
  • conference on everything related to free and opensource GIS: data, software, methodology, organized by members of Russian GIS-Lab and OpenStreetMap communities.
  • Over 200 participants; OSGeoLive DVD was used in GRASS GIS workshop; ~10 OSGeo Live DVDs were handed out to conference participants.
  • Contact: Maxim Dubinin, Alexander Mury

14-17 November 2012, GFOSSDAY 2012 - OSMit 2012

  • Turin, Italy
  • OSGeoLive software directly used from VMs within five workshops
  • OSGeoLive overview in keynote presentation
  • Title: OSGeoLive: il più semplice strumento per provare le applicazioni GFOSS / OSGeoLive: the simplest way to test FOSS4G software
  • Contact: [[User:Lucadelu|Luca Delucchi]]

14-16 November 2012, EGU Leonardo Conference

  • Turin, Italy
  • Poster presentation in Session: Population
  • Notes: Poster Presentations consist in a quick (1-Slide) oral overview during the sessions and in the attendance by the poster stand between the sessions.
  • Title: A complete review of the breadth of quality Geospatial Open Source Software available to Hydrologists, using OSGeoLive
  • Contact: [[User:Madi|Margherita Di Leo]]

12-13 November 2012, SWE-SmartCities Workshop

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Sensor Web Enablement workshop held by 52°North
  • 21 OSGeoLive handed to the participants and used for the exercises
  • The DVD was used for a training workshop on OGC Sensor Web Enablement. Participants worked with the 52°North SOS and the 52°North WPS. The DVD was mostly used, in some cases the VM was used.During the training, the participants used their own laptop computers (a full mix of all operating systems).There was no dedicated time needed for setting up the DVD. No issues occured.
  • Contact: [[User:esllolo|Estela Llorente López]], Simon Jirka (52°North)

November 2012, Open Source GIS and Webmapping Workshop

  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Waiting on Barend Köbben to provide website url once details are finalised

===25-26 October 2012, FOSS4G-India ===

  • Hyderabad, India
  • OSGeoLive DVDs to be handed out to all participants
  • OSGeoLive to be used in workshops
  • OSGeoLive Presentation to be given by K S Rajan
  • Contact: K S Rajan

===17,18 October 2012, GeoINT 2012 ===

  • Orlando Florida
  • OSGeoLive link handed out
  • mentioned in various panels and forums
  • Contact: Mark Lucas and John Scott

17-19 October 2012, Geospace Europe Summit 2012

17-19 October 2012, Latinoware

October 2012, INTERGEO 2012

  • Hannover Germany, 9.-11.10.2012
  • ~600 OSGeo 6.0 (and some of Version 5.5.) DVDs were distributed
  • slide about OSGeoLive in FOSSGIS e.V. presentation
  • very good feedback to the DVD. Lot of people already know OSGeoLive
  • Contact: [[User:Astrid Emde|Astrid Emde]]

October 2012, Smart Korea 2012 in conjunction with OGC TC/PC Meeting

11-13 October 2012, XXXII INCA International Conference 2012

  • Dehradun, India
  • Nearly 80 OSGeoLive 6.0 DVDs handed out at OSGeo/IIRS Booth. Posters with screenshots of some applications with local data were put up.
  • Explained delegates about OpenSource GIS. Demonstrated QGIS to anyone with a question. Demoed OpenCPN to some of the folks from National Hydrographic Office.
  • Contact: Chaitanya Kumar CH

October 12, 2012, FOSS4G Korea 2012

  • COEX, Seoul, Korea
  • Nearly 70~80 OSGeoLive 6.0 DVDs were handed out during the event and brief explanation of OSGeoLive project was given to participants
  • FOSS4G Korea will be held in conjunction with Smart Korea 2012
  • Contact: Sanghee Shin

October 3-5, 2012, Minnesota GIS/LIS 2012

October 2012, GISSA Ukubuzana conference

  • 1-3 October, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • ~450 OSGeo 6.0 DVDs were distributed
  • Lightning overview wwas also presented
  • It was also used in two workshops ('Intro to PostGIS and QGIS' and 'Enterprise GIS with FOSS')
  • More were distributed and used in workshops at the launch of the University of Pretoria ICA/OSGeo Lab on 4 Oct
  • [[User:Gfleming|Gavin Fleming]]

September 2012, Geocamp

  • September 22nd, Campo Maior, Portugal
  • OSGeo project presentation: how the project is managed, how translations work, how a project is involved
  • Contact: Jorge Sanz, Hugo Santos info (at) geocampers (dot) com

September 2012, Asia GeoSpatial Forum

  • Hanoi, Vietnam. 17~19th, September
  • Around 50 OSGeoLive 6.0 DVDs were handed out to the participants.
  • A presentation on OSGeo overview and OSGeoLive was given in oral presentation session
  • Open Source GIS Session
  • Contact: Sanghee Shin

5 September 2012 Open Source GIS Conference (OSGIS)

  • Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • All day session: "Educational use of OSGeo Live" presented by Ari Jolma
  • 100 OSGeoLive DVDs handed out
  • OSGeoLive lightning presentation by Barry Rowlingson
  • Contact: Suchith Anand

August 2012, 34th International Geological Conference

  • Brisbane, Australia
  • OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation by Peter Baunmann, conference convener
  • Contact: Peter Baunmann

18-19 July 2012, FOSS4G Southeast Asia

  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • OSGeoLive DVD used at the plenary session. Several slides from OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation used plus some demonstration.
  • OSGeoLive handed out to all delegates.
  • Contact: Dr. Franz-Josef Behr

July 2012, Third Open Source GIS Summer School

  • Girona, Spain
  • School program focused on the development and creation of Open Web Mapping Services and Web applications. Jeremy Morley (Lecturer and a theme leader at the NGI) will be contributing the Nottingham components for the Summer School. The course has been designed and will be conducted on a GNU/Linux operating system based on the use of the OSGeoLive DVD.
  • Contact: Lluís Vicens

July 2012, International Environmental Modeling and Software Society Conference (IEMSS)

July 2012, AGIT

  • Salzburg (Austria) Annual Conference
  • AGIT, Friday is OSGeo day, free booth together with OSM throughtout the week (Arnulf)
  • we want to hand out +- 500 OSGeoLive DVDs

===June 30 - July 1, 2012, FOSS4G Hokkaido 2012 === *Sapporo, Hokkaido JAPAN *50 OSGeoLive 5.5 DVDs handed out to delegates *OSGeo.JP and OSGeoLive overview in keynote presentation *Website (in Japanese) *Facebook (in Japanese)

June 2012, useR! The International R User Conference

June 28, 2012, Day (FOSS4G Regional) within MapWindow Conference - The Netherlands

  • Velp, The Netherlands
  • OSGeoLive 5.5 DVDs handed out to all delegates (about 120). This included a large contingent of OSGeo-NL people who I heard were very appreciative of the DVD.
  • OSGeoLive + OSGeo overview in keynote presentation
  • OSGeoLive software directly used from VMs within the two workshops
  • ( Day Program + Pres. Slides)
  • (general MapWindow conf)
  • Contact: Daniel P. Ames

May 2012, FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • OSGeoLive 5.5 DVDs to be used in workshops
  • OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation
  • Contact: Jachym Cepicky

May 2012, FOSSCOMM 2012

May 2012, HellasGI 2012

  • Athens, Greece
  • OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation
  • Local chapter meeting

April 2012, COMEM OGO course :: Webmapping with OGC standards

  • April 16th, a course dedicated on geospatialized e-Content for Media Engineering bachelor students ( at School of Engineering and Business Vaud (, Western Switzerland, Yverdon-les-Bains
  • Topic : learning webmapping and OGC standards with OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS (
  • A customized OSGeoLive 5.5 VM has been used through VirtualBox by 15 students to execute several exercices and to build a five days project (
  • Delivering a complete and ready to use geo-enabled VM is interessant for students to work in a kind of sandbox and to bring something easely back at home for later reuse.

April 2012, Geospatial World Forum 2012

April 2012, FOSS4G North America 2012

  • Washington, United States
  • Hand out OSGeoLive 5.5 DVDs to all delegates
  • OSGeoLive lightning overview presentation?

April 2012, GISRUK 2012

  • Lancaster University, UK
  • (probably) To be used for pre-conference workshop from Lutra Consulting
  • Around 200 DVDs to be handed out at the OSGeo-UK desk

April 2012, AGILE 2012

March 2012, Association for Geographic Information Welsh Group Open Source Seminar

March 2012, AWRA GIS and Water Resources Conference

March 2012, FOSSGIS 2012

  • Dessau, Germany
  • Hand out OSGeoLive 5.5 DVDs to all delegates - more than 400 DVDs
  • OSGeoLive was mentioned in the opening speech
  • OSGeoLive was mentioned a lot on the conference. Some presenter mentioned in their presentation, to test the new stuff with OSGeoLive
  • How many people were in the workshop?

21 Wokshops took place in total, 15 Workshop used OSGeoLive 5.5, some of the workshops used a modified OSGeoLive version 5 - 20 persons were in the workshops

  • What format of OSGeoLive was used? DVD? USB? VM?

Used with VirtualBox

  • Did students bring their own computers? What types of computers and operating systems were brought in?

No own computers. We used the computers with windows and VirtualBox from the GIS pool of the university

  • How much time was spent setting up the class with setting up OSGeoLive?

This was done before the workshop

March 2012, Spanish FOSS4G 2012

6-7 March 2012, Malaysian Geospatial Forum

  • Malaka, Malaysia
  • The OSGeoLive lightning overview was presented to around 50 attendees (of approximately 300 attendees of the whole event). Positive feedbacks, the common question was which package should be used to their work.

February 2012, AAG 2012

February 2012, GIS courses

  • 6-10 Feb, Enterprise GIS course at University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 13-17 Feb , Introduction to QGIS and PostGIS course, Muizenberg, South Africa
  • OSGeo 5.0 DVDs handed out to course attendees (~15 each)
  • Ran in first session of workshops as LiveDVD to browse through the ecosystem and get a feel for Linux and FOSS GIS.
  • [[User:Gfleming|Gavin Fleming]]

January 2012, Pleiades Days 2012

  • Toulouse, France
  • 50 OSGeoLive 5.0 bootable thumb drives to be handed out
  • Website


December 2011, Enterprise GIS course at the Council for Geoscience

  • 12-14 Dec, Cape Town, South Africa
  • OSGeo 5.0 DVDs handed out to course attendees
  • We set up the VM on Windows for part of the workshop. Demo'd QGIS server and browsed through the system for an overview of other tools.
  • It would be nice to have OpenGeo Suite Community Edition installed. It could provide PostGIS and GeoServer to the rest of the DVD. Also GeoNode.
  • [[User:Gfleming|Gavin Fleming]]

November 2011, FOSS4G Tokyo/Osaka 2011

*Tokyo and Osaka, JAPAN *each 50+ OSGeoLive 5.0 DVDs handed to delegates *Website (in Japanese) *Website (in Japanese)

October 2011, IAEA/FAO Coordinated Research Program

  • Burkina Faso
  • This conference was the third in a series of semi-annual meetings reviewing research programs regarding two agricultural pests: Tsetse and Old/New World Screw-worm. The meetings focus on merging population genetics and GIS techniques to better understand the spread of these pests.
  • A customized version of the OSGeoLive 5.0 was prepared with data specific to Burkina Faso, and each of the 15 participants received a USB flash drive for the practice session. Some basic exercises were conducted demonstrating QGIS, Spatialite, and R.
  • Responses were overwhelmingly positive.

September 2011, Intergeo 2011

  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Intergeo is an anual big fair on geodesy, geoinformation and land management
  • FOSSGIS e.V. (german language local chapter of OSGeo) organizes an the OSGeo Park at Intergeo every year presenting OSGeo software. There also is a presentation area where we present OSGeo Software and solutions 3 days long
  • Rest of the OSGeoLive 4.5 handed out (aprox 100 DVDs)

September 2011, FOSS4G 2011

Denver, United States

  • OSGeo Live given to every delegate. (Release 5.0)
  • 300 USBs printed, 600 DVDs
  • OSGeoLive was used within many of the workshops

June/July 2011, Open Source GIS Summer School

August 2011, d'été - Observation spatiale de l'environnement

  • Macapa, Brazil
  • OSGeoLive 5.0RC1 on a USB was used in a workshop for 12 students learning OTB and Monteverdi.

June 2011, FLUXNET & RS Open-Workshop

June 2011, OSGIS 2011

Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

May 2011, CGS 2011

  • Bishop CA, USA
  • ~10 discs

April 2011, GITA 2011

  • Dallas Tx, USA
  • 100 discs sent to OSGeo booth

April 2011, AAG 2011

  • Seattle, WA USA
  • Annual Geography conference 8-10,000 attendants
  • ~30-50 discs given away at OSGeo booth
  • Remaining ~150 divided between CUGOS and Portland? chapters.

April 2011, FOSSGIS 2011

  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • FOSSGIS is an annual conference in german language with ~ 400 attendants
  • we printed OSGeoLive 4.5 and handed out about 450 DVDs
  • OSGeoLive 4.5 was used sucessfully in ~ 12 workshops
  • Astrid Emde presented OSGeoLive in a 20 min talk with focus on the background of the project and the possibilities the project offers

about 40 attendants


November 2010, GeoData Camp

  • Athens, Greece
  • Presented OSGeoLive lightning presentation in Greek to more than 300 attendants. This included two 1-hour presentations in technical sessions and a 15 minute presentation in the main event.

October 2010, Intergeo 2010

  • Cologne, Germany
  • Intergeo is an anual big fair on geodesy, geoinformation and land management
  • FOSSGIS e.V. (german language local chapter of OSGeo) organizes an Open Source Park on Intergeo every year where OSGeo Software is presented. There also is a presentation area where we present OSGeo Software and solutions 3 days long
  • we printed OSGeoLive 4.0 and handed out about 450 DVDs
  • Lars Lingner presented the DVD with Cameron Shorters presentation
  • Feedback

good feedback: OSGeoLive offers the possibility to get to know OSGeo Software without an installation

September 2010, FOSS4G 2010

Barcelona, Spain

  • Provided a 90 minute tutorial of OSGeo Live
  • OSGeo Live given to every delegate. (Release 4.0)

April 2010, FIG 2010 - International Surveyors conference

Sydney, Australia


October 2009, FOSS4G 2009

Sydney, Australia

  • Handed out 500 Live DVDs in every delegate's show bag. (Release: 2.0.3)

June 2009, Spatial@Gov

  • Canberra, Australia
  • Handed out Live DVDs from an OSGeo stand. (Release 1.0)
  • Cameron Shorter provided a 30 minute presentation on the Open Source GeoSpatial Stack.


November 2008, Australian Cooperative Research Center for Spatial Information Conference

  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Distributed ~ 250 OSGeoLive DVDs to delegates (Release 1.0)

===September 2008, FOSS4G 2008===

  • Handed out ~ 150 Live DVDs from the OSGeo stand. (Release: foss4g2008)

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