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     1= USB testing required if we are to hand out OSGeo-Live on a USB at FOSS4G=
     314 August 2010
     5The FOSS4G Organising Committee have budget to distribute OSGeo-Live either on a DVD or USB.
     7Ideally we would have liked to distribute on a USB to all delegates however out of the 5 or so computers tested, we've had reports of at least 2 computers which can't boot from the USB. So we will distribute OSGeo-Live to all delegates on the well tested DVD version.
     9However, if we can get test results from enough people by the end of this coming weekend, Sunday 15 August, an OSGeo-Live USB will be created and given to VIPs.
     11Here is the deal:
     13If we get:
     14* 7+ test results, from a variety of different computers, showing a reasonable number of computers will work with a USB:
     15* we will hand out OSGeo-Live USBs to the (more forgiving) FOSS4G presenters. Standard delegates will be given a Live-DVD.
     17PS, the RC9 (hopefully final) version of OSGeo Live can be downloaded from:
     21== How to test a USB==
     22* Download and burn the USB as per:
     23* Describe your test results here:
     24* Optionally also tell us your experience on IRC or email:
     25 * irc://
     26 *