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Title: What terms should go into an OSGeo Glossary?

26 September 2019

Hi folks,

Felicity (CCed), one of the Tech Writers partaking in the Google Season of Docs, is going to compile a Glossary for us. Does anyone know of existing Glossaries that we can start from? I've found an OGC list of accronyms [0].

This coming week (by 29 September) she will be collating existing material. In the following weeks, she'll be asking us to review and see what extra terms should be added.

Beyond that, she will also be working reviewing our Quickstarts, and selecting a writing style guide. (The Google Syle Guide is a likely contender). You can see results of her first pass [1].

If you'd like to contribute, conversations are happening on the OSGeoLive email list [2], or you can email Felicity directly.




Cheers, Cameron

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