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     1= OSGeo-Live 13.0 Released =
     5* see also
     7xx. August 2019
     9Version 13.0 of the [ OSGeoLive GIS software collection] has been released, and was distributed at the [ International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) in Bucharest, Romania].
     11Person ?? says: '' "OSGeoLive 13.0 ....
     12TBD ...So much effort goes in to each OSGeoLive release, from documentation to packaging to testing, that we must take a moment to thank those involved.  The whole OSGeoLive team deserves a huge thanks.  Thank you OSGeoLive team and congratulations on this release." '' 
     14== Download ==
     15Download the OSGeoLive 12.0 image at
     17== Release Highlights ==
     18Highlights for this release include:
     19* New applications MapCache, t-rex, Actinia
     20* Python tools like Fiona, rasterio, cartopy, pandas, geopandas, mappyfile
     21* Improved documentation with new languages
     22* Version [ updates] to many of the included packages
     24== About OSGeoLive ==
     25OSGeoLive is a [ Lubuntu] based distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Virtual Machine, USB and DVD. OSGeoLive is pre-installed with robust open source geospatial software, which can be trialled without installing anything.
     27It includes:
     29* Close to 50 quality geospatial Open Source applications installed and pre-configured
     30* Free world maps and sample datasets
     31* Project Overview and step-by-step Quickstart for each application
     32* Lightning presentation of all applications, along with speaker's script
     33* Translations to multiple languages
     37== Credits ==
     39Hundreds of people have directly helped with OSGeoLive packaging, documenting and translating, and thousands have been involved in building the packaged software. Thank you to all involved.
     43== Sponsoring organisations ==
     45* [ OSGeo - the Open Source Geospatial Foundation] provides development & hosting infrastructure for OSGeoLive and many of the included applications.
     46* [ Information Center for the Environment (ICE)] at the University of California, Davis provides hardware resources and development support.
     47* [ Remote Sensing Laboratory at the National Technical University of Athens], provides hardware resources and development support.
     48* The [ Debian GIS] and [ UbuntuGIS] teams provide and quality-assure many of the core packages.
     49* [ Okeanos] is kindly providing Virtual Machines for building the OSGeoLive iso images.