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Starting build cycle for OSGeoLive 13 and call for translators and documenters

  • 28 February 2019

Are you interested in joining our Open Source GIS experience? The build cycle for the next OSGeoLive release, 13.0, is going to start in 3 weeks at OSGeo Code Sprint 2019 in Minneapolis-St. Paul [1]. The final version is planned to be ready at 2nd August 2019 in time for FOSS4G 2019 in Bucharest [2]. Have a look at our schedule for the detailed steps [3].

Till then we have many challenges - from simple to challenging, to help describe and train people in the value of Open Source GIS.

For version 13.0 we are looking to build a cloud version of the release and are looking for volunteers to help with the build and the documentation.

Are you a programmer or packager with experience in one of the Open Source GIS applications. Are you interested in helping update a project to the latest version.

Are you a technical writer interested in making FOSS4G accessible to all?

Join us at OSGeo Code Sprint 2019

There will be the OSGeo Code Sprint 2019 at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities from 14th to 17th May 2019 [1]. Some people from OSGeoLive team will be there. We'd love to see you, whether you are new to Open Source or an experienced old timer.

About OSGeoLive

OSGeoLive (​ is a ​Lubuntu based distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual Machine and USB. You can use OSGeoLive to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything.

OSGeoLive team



[3] ​Need citation



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