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     1= OSGeoLive enters OSGeo Incubation =
     36 November 2017 - The OSGeo Foundation and OSGeoLive Team are pleased to announce that the OSGeoLive project has officially entered the OSGeo Foundation's incubation process. By completing this incubation process, the OSGeoLive team intend to officially demonstrate the level of rigour, quality and sustainability of the project.
     5As noted by Angelos Tzotsos, chair of the OSGeoLive Project Steering Committee, "With the OSGeoLive project coming up to being 9 years old, we felt it was time to audit our processes against best practice, and demonstrate our commitment to quality".
     7Jody Garnett, incubation mentor, welcomes the challenge: "Incubation is a chance to review how the project works, emphasizing being geospatial, open source, and fair. Incubation can be done very quickly, and I am hopeful that the OSGeoLive project can set a new standard.".
     9The team is living up to their enthusiastic reputation and has already started on the [[Live GIS Incubation Graduation Checklist|incubation checklist]].
     11== About OSGeoLive Initiative ==
     13OSGeoLive is an outreach initiative helping make the latest open source geospatial software easily available for evaluation, education and promotion. As an outreach initiative OSGeoLive is one of the most successful community activities of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation boasting a wide range of contributors from around the world, collaborating with our foundation projects, and building connections with the wider geospatial open source community.
     15The team produces a bootable USB or Virtual Machine offers a "first contact" experience for trying out open source geospatial.
     17== About the Incubation Committee ==
     19The OSGeo Incubator Committee is responsible welcome new projects to the Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation and promoting fair, inclusive, open source development.
     21The Incubation process teams up a project team with a mentor from our community to review how the project functions, how open source works, and how it can be made better for everyone.