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     1= What's in the OSGeo-Live 11.0 reboot? =
     329 May 2017
     5In line with the OSGeo-Live reboot [1] we have identified the following actions:
     7We will only support a 64 bit distribution, (32 bit will be built but not tested or officially supported).
     9We will no longer provide:
     10* Windows installers,
     11* Write ups for OGC Standards,
     12* Write ups for libraries without a user interface (on a case-by-case basis)
     14Stray projects: We haven't got a point of contact for these projects. If you know something about this project, and can help review docs, then please consider adopting the project. Without a volunteer, we will need to consider retiring them from OSGeo-Live. Work commitment is low, kudos and karma very high :)
     15* openlayers
     16* osgearth
     17* gmt
     18* iris
     19* jupyter
     20* JOSM ( [ OpenStreetMap] editor )
     21* proj4
     22* mb-system
     23* zygrib
     25Projects recommended to be retired from OSGeo-Live:
     26* geokettle
     27* geomajas
     28* javaworldwind
     29* kosmo
     30* mapnik
     31* pywps (quickstart broken)
     32* sahana
     33* tinyows
     34* ushahidi
     35* viking
     37Remaining projects:
     38* Most projects have at least minor tweaks required for the docs, some have outright errors.
     39* We are asking each project to, check their project overview, run the application on an OSGeo-Live VM (10.5 or a recent nightly build), run every step of the quickstart, update if required, and tell us when done.
     40* Once verified, we will add the project back into the OSGeo-Live 11.0 builds.
     41* We will call on all projects to test their projects and quickstarts again in an OSGeo-Live 11.0 beta.
     43For specific project comments, see the OSGeo-Live status spreadsheet, column T "11.0 Comment", and column U "10.5 Doc Review".
     49== Key Milestones ==
     51*  5-Jun-2017   OSGeo-Live Feature Freeze (final application versions installed)
     52* 19-Jun-2017   OSGeo-Live delivered to UAT (final application versions installed - Beta stage)
     53* 24-Jul-2017   OSGeo-Live Final ISO
     54* 14-Aug-2017 FOSS4G 2017 Boston
     56[ ... full schedule]
     58== About OSGeo-Live ==
     59OSGeo-Live ( is a [ Lubuntu] based distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual Machine and USB. You can use OSGeo-Live to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything.