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     1= OSGeo-Live 10.0 alpha1 ready to test=
     34 June 2016
     5After much hard work from the OSGeo-Live build team, we release today the first alpha version of OSGeo-Live 10.0.
     7It is based on the new Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Long Term Support (LTS). Over the last 6 weeks since Ubuntu 16.04 was released, we have ported the entire build system to the new LTS and we merged packaging effort from DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS, bringing most of the recent geospatial packages to Xenial. The result is now shared with the OSGeo community through the updated UbuntuGIS repositories (Testing and Unstable).
     9We encourage all OSGeo-Live projects to download OSGeo-Live alpha1 [1], test your project with this new release and make sure it works as expected. If your project is missing from the iso, it means that the installer failed completely and needs extra attention from you. Please report back issues to our Trac instance [2] (and let us know what you have tested on our mailing list We track this information in our status spreadsheet [3]). We love pro-active projects we don't have to chase, so please prepare your code to work on the new LTS and send us a pull request with your installer changes.
     11We have a lot of work to do and a tight schedule if we are to release in time for [ FOSS4G in Bonn]. Our next milestone is to reach beta stage by the end of June.
     13[1] Mirror:
     19== Packages still with critical issues==
     20We haven't managed to get the following packages working yet and would appreciate some help:
     21* Cartaro (
     22* EOxServer (
     23* GeoMoose (
     24* GeoNode (
     25* MapSlicer (
     26* MapBender (
     27* Mapnik (
     28* OSSIM (
     29* OTB (
     30* Rasdaman (
     31* TileMill (
     32* Ushahidi (
     33* ZOO-Project (
     37== Key Milestones==
     39* 13 Jun 2016 Feature Freeze (all apps updated)
     40* 27 Jun 2016 User Acceptance Test (all apps installed and working)
     41* 18 Jul 2016 Release Candidate 1
     42* 01 Aug 2016 Final ISO sent to printers
     44[ ... full schedule]
     46== About OSGeo-Live==
     47OSGeo-live is a [ Lubuntu] based distribution of Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual Machine and USB. You can use OSGeo-Live to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything.