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     1= Problems which have come to light after the 8.0 image went to press =
     3Many of these problems will be fixed in our code repository now, and eligible to go into a possible 8.0.1 release.
     4Fixes given below can be applied by hand; USB-drive and Virtual-machine users will only have to do it once, DVD users will have to re-do it every time they boot. "''Sorry for the inconvenience''."
     6* New bugs may be reported and known bugs viewed on the [ OSGeo Trac system].
     8== Instructions for changing language and keyboard layout ==
     10* Problem:
     11The instructions for changing the language and keyboard layout in the desktop-login welcome message are somewhat out of date.
     13* Solution:
     14The instructions found in the main Help page are up to date, use them instead.
     16== GeoNode ==
     18* Problem:
     19Layers do not properly load.
     21* Solution:
     22In discussion.
     24== GMT and MB-System ==
     26* Problem:
     27GMT in Ubuntu 14.04 has a bug reading the coastline files causing the <tt>pscoast</tt> program to crash or never complete.
     29* Solution:
     30In discussion.
     32== GRASS GIS IPython Examples ==
     34* Problem
     35Using the Processing (SEXTANTE) Toolbox in QGIS breaks GRASS's startup history file, which causes the IPython examples to fail.
     37* Solution
     38Users will have to start GRASS and reset the main GIS Database path to <tt>/home/user/grassdata</tt>, then start in a GRASS session and exit from it again. The new startup history file is saved upon exiting from the GRASS terminal session.
     40== OpenJUMP ==
     42* Problem:
     43Fails to start on systems with more than 4GB of RAM.
     45* Solution:
     46Edit the /usr/bin/openjump startup script and comment out JAVA_MAXMEM= on line 185.
     48== uDig ==
     50* Problem:
     51The program crashes the first time you run it.
     53* Solution:
     54Just try again, after that it works ok.
     57== Other ==
     59(''minor issues'')
     61* Mapfish database exists in QGIS's list of Postgres databases, but is not available.
     62* The 52nSOS database in QGIS's list of Postgres databases is actually "52nsos", all lower case. You can fix that with the <tt>[Edit]</tt> button.