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     1= OSGeo-Live UAT in one week: Testing and doc updates required =
     328 July 2014
     5In this OSGeo-Live 8.0 development cycle we have seen major upgrades: moving to the light weight Lubuntu distribution, moving to a new Long Time Support release (LTS), and moving even more applications to make use of Debian packaging. It should be our best distribution yet. But this has impacted our schedule, as the Ubuntu LTS has only become stable within the last week (14.04.1 release), and we need help in order to deliver OSGeo-Live to [ FOSS4G-PDX] with our usual high level of quality and reliability.
     7In particular, we need help:
     8* Testing to verify everything works in this new system and fixing bugs. Download alpha1 [ here] [0].
     9* Updating version number in your Project Overview (if changed), and possibly mention a new feature or two. Doc [ howtos] [4].
     10* Re-running the Quickstart and ensure each step is still valid, and screenshots match the implementation.
     11* Updating status of the Project Overview and Quickstart to "8.0draft" in our status sheet. [1]
     13Due to our tight timelines, we might need to hide applications which we can't get stablised, tested, or docs updated in time. Please check our current list of open issues [2][3] to verify that your project is working as expected.
     15== Schedule ==
     17* 27 July 2014 Alpha4 released [3]. Please verify all applications work and fix bugs.
     18* 03 August 2014 Beta1 release - start taking screen shots with new background.
     19* 07 August 2014 Community Testing Sprint (UAT).
     20* 07 August 2014 English docs complete.
     21* 14 August 2014 Translations complete.
     22* 17 August 2014 OSGeo-Live 8.0 sent to the printers.
     32[4] Doc howtos: