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     1= Starting build cycle for OSGeo-Live 8.0=
     35 May 2014
     5We are starting the build cycle for [ OSGeo-Live] 8.0 which will be released in September 2014, ready for the [ global FOSS4G conference in Portland].
     6We would like to hear from anyone wishing to add new projects, anyone wishing to extend or add extra translations, or anyone who wants to contribute in code, testing or ideas on how we should shape the upcoming release.
     8Also, could all projects please reply to us with which stable version of their software should be included in this release. Ideally, projects should provide debian packages for this release.
     10== Key Milestones==
     12* 08 Jun 2014 All new applications installed, most old applications updated
     13* 07 Jul 2014 Feature Freeze (all apps updated)
     14* 27 Jul 2014 User Acceptance Test (all apps installed and working)
     15:* 17 Aug 2014 Final ISO sent to printers
     17[ ... full schedule]
     19== Moving to Lubuntu 14.04 LTS ==
     21OSGeo-Live 8.0 will be built upon the recently released [ Lubuntu] 14.04 Long Term Support release (it was previously based upon Xubuntu 12.04 LTS).
     22# Lubuntu, which is a LXDE based Ubuntu linux distribution, is light weight. This means it runs faster, with less memory and disk requirements which will improve the OSGeo-Live user experiences and allow us to fit a little more onto a DVD.
     23# Moving to the 14.04 LTS release will help bring all applications up to the latest software, but will likely result in a number of applications needing to apply updates to address new dependency issues.
     25== About OSGeo-Live==
     27[ OSGeo-Live] is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB thumb drive or Virtual Machine based on [ Lubuntu], that allows you to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything.