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Targeting OSGeo-Live Quickstarts for OSGeo-Live 6.5

19 January 2013

Software quality on our OSGeo-Live 6.5 release is looking very promising, and starting with this release, we hope to start bringing documentation quality up one notch, by putting the Quickstarts through the same comprehensive review that we have done for our Project Overviews, tracking status in our Status Spreadsheet.

We see this as a 3 step process:

  • Projects ensure their quickstarts are up to date, set "Quickstart Status"="6.5draft"
  • A non-project person, runs every step of the quickstart, and makes sure it runs ok. set "Quickstart Status"="6.5reviewed".
  • One of our writers reviews for readability. (I'm volunteering to be one of these people). Set "Quickstart Status"="6.5final".

We're looking for are around 10 people who can dedicate a couple of hours over the next couple of months to run a few Quickstarts and verify they are accurate and understandable. If you can help out, please contact me, or speak up on the osgeo-live email list.

We've started a review checklist, and am open to suggested improvements:

For the OSGeo-Live 6.5 release, we'd like to update as many Quickstarts as we can within the next two weeks, by 4 February 2013.

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