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     1= Three weeks till Geospatial Live DVD 3.0 feature freeze=
     214 January 2009
     4Do you want your favorite project on the next Geospatial Live DVD?
     6It is now decision time for determining what software will be stored on the upcoming Arramagong GIS Live DVD, release 3.0. We have a feature freeze in 3 weeks which means the Live DVD will be ready for a number of large geospatial conferences in April. (If we have enough volunteers, we will be able to have the release ready for the German Speaking conference in March as well).
     8We have built our first 3.0-alpha1 release of Arramagong based on XUbuntu 9.10, with a few glitches in some packages. We hope projects will help us fix these over the next few weeks.
     9: Build logs at:
     11We are now calling on projects to:
     13By 7 February 2010 (Feature Freeze):
     14* Verify which version of stable software will be installed on the liveDVD. Priority will be given to software already packaged for Ubuntu.
     15: Update here:
     16* Update install scripts to work with Ubuntu 9.10
     18By 28 February 2010 (Final Release Candidate):
     19* Test the project's application in the LiveDVD and fix all bugs
     20* Optional: refine documentation & general look and feel
     22Full Schedule is here:
     24== About Arramagong ==
     25Arramagong is based on [ XUbuntu 9.10], and allows people to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything. It is available as:
     26* A Live DVD, which is regularly handed out at conferences, most recently being given to all delegates at the [ 2009 FOSS4G] conference.
     27* A Virtual Machine
     28* Within a web browser from Click2Try:
     30The stack of popular GeoSpatial Open Source Applications included on the Arramagong LiveDVD includes:
     31* deegree
     32* GDAL
     33* GeoKettle
     34* GeoNetwork
     35* GeoServer
     36* GMT
     37* GpsDrive
     38* GRASS GIS
     39* gvSIG
     40* Kosmo
     41* Mapfish
     42* Mapnik
     43* Mapserver
     44* MapTiler
     45* Marble
     46* MB System
     47* Open Jump
     48* Open Layers
     49* OpenStreetMap Editors
     50* pgRouting
     51* PostGIS
     52* PROJ.4
     53* QuantumGIS
     54* R geostatistics
     55* uDig
     58== Interested?==
     59You can find more details about the project on our wiki at:
     61Build process is at: