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  • Press Release 29

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     1= OSGeo-Live 6.0 released =
     321 August 2012
     5Version 6.0 of the [ OSGeo-Live GIS software collection] has been released, and will be officially launched at [ OSGIS 2012], the Open Source GIS conference in Nottingham, UK, 4-5 September.
     9== Release Highlights==
     10* Applications
     11 * All geospatial applications on the disc have been updated to their latest stable releases.
     13* OpenJDK 7
     14 * All OSGeo-Live java applications have been successfully [[Live_GIS_Disc_Press_Release_28|migrated]] to '''OpenJDK 7'''. Migration to OpenJDK was driven by Oracle's announcement that including Sun Java in Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, or OSGeo-Live, is no longer allowed.
     16* Translations
     17 * There has been [ significant activity] translating OSGeo-Live documentation. Core documents are available in ten languages, and comprehensive translations are available for many other languages, including: Catalan (''new''), Chinese (''new''), English, French (''new''), German, Greek, Italian (''new''), Japanese, Korean (''new''), Polish, Spanish
     19* Xubuntu 12.04 LTS
     20 * The Xubuntu base has been upgraded to '''12.04 LTS''' (''Long Term Support'')
     24== About OSGeo-Live==
     25OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB flash drive and Virtual Machine based upon Ubuntu Linux that is pre-configured with a wide variety of robust open source geospatial software. The applications can be trialled without installing anything on your computer, simply by booting the computer from a DVD or USB drive, or running in a Virtual Machine environment. An accompanying collection of [ lightning presentations] introduces the breadth and depth of Free and Open Source for Geospatial ('''FOSS4G''').
     29''OSGeo-Live includes:''
     31* Fifty ('''50''') Quality Geospatial Open Source applications installed and pre-configured
     32* Free world maps and geodata
     33* One page overview ''and'' quick start guide for every application
     34* Overviews of key OGC standards
     35* Translations for multiple languages
     39== Credits ==
     41Over 120 people have directly helped with OSGeo-Live packaging, documenting and translating, and thousands have been involved in building the packaged software.
     43Packagers, documenters and translators include:
     45Activity Workshop, Agustín Dí­ez, Aikaterini Kapsampeli, Alan Boudreault, Alessandro Furieri, Alex Mandel, Alexandre Dube, Amy Gao, Andrea Antonello, Andrea Yanza, Angelos Tzotsos, Anna Muñoz, Anne Ghisla, Anton Patrushev, Argyros Argyridis, Assumpcio Termens, Astrid Emde, Barry Rowlingson, Benjamin Pross, Brian Hamlin, Bruno Binet, Cameron Shorter, Christophe Tufféry, Christos Iossifidis, Cristhian Pin, Dane Springmeyer, Daniel Kastl, David Mateos, Diego González, Dimitar Misev, Dominik Helle, Edgar Soldin, Eike Hinderk Jrrens, Eric Lemoine, Estela Llorente, Etienne Delay, Etienne Dube, Fran Boon, François Prunayre, Frank Gasdorf, Frank Warmerdam, Gavin Treadgold, Grald Fenoy, Hamish Bowman, Haruyuki Seki, Henry Addo, Hernan Olivera, Howard Butler, Hyeyeong Choe, Ian Turton, Jackie Ng, Jan Drewnak, Javier Sánchez, Jesús Gómez, Jim Klassen, Jing Wang, Jinsongdi Yu, Jody Garnett, Johan Van de Wauw, Jorge Arévalo, Jorge Sanz, José Antonio Canalejo, Judit Mays, Klokan Petr Pridal, Kristof Lange, Lance McKee, Lars Lingner, Luca Delucchi, Lucía Sanjaime, Mage Whopper, Manuel Grizonnet, Marc Torres, Marc-André Barbeau, Marco Curreli, Marco Puppin, Margherita Di Leo, Maria Vakalopoulou, Mario Andino, Mark Leslie, Massimo Di Stefano, Mauricio Miranda, Mauricio Pazos, Micha Silver, Michaël Michaud, Michael Owonibi, Mike Adair, Milena Nowotarska, Nacho Varela, Nathaniel V. Kelso, Ned Horning, Nobusuke Iwasaki, Oliver Tonnhofer, Òscar Fonts, Otto Dassau, Pasquale Di Donato, Paul Meems, Pedro-Juan Ferrer, Pirmin Kalberer, Raf Roset, Ricardo Pinho, Roald de Wit, Roberto Antolín, Roger Veciana, Ruth Schoenbuchner, Samuel Mesa, Sergio Baños, Simon Cropper, Simon Pigot, Stefan A. Tzeggai, Stefan Hansen, Stefan Steiniger, Stephan Meissl, Steve Lime, Thierry Badard, Thomas Baschetti, Thomas Gratier, Tom Kralidis, Toshikazu Seto, Trevor Wekel, Valenty González, Xianfeng Song, Yoichi Kayama, Zhengfan Lin
     47== Sponsoring organisations==
     49* [ The Open Source Geospatial Foundation] '''OSGeo''' provides the primary development & hosting infrastructure and personnel for the OSGeo-Live project, and infrastructure for many of the software projects themselves.
     51* '''LISAsoft''' provides sustaining resources and staff toward the management and packaging of software onto the Live DVD.
     52* '''Information Center for the Environment (ICE) at the University of California, Davis''' provides hardware resources and development support to the OSGeo Live project.
     53* The '''DebianGIS''' and '''UbuntuGIS''' teams provide and quality-assure many of the core packages. and