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emailed to live-demo email list, with follow up to project points of contact.

What version of applications should we be installing on OSGeo-Live 5.5?

17 December 2012

Hi all,

Over the Christmas/New Year break, we intend to start the OSGeo-Live build process for the next 5.5 release and would like to know which version of each application we should include on OSGeo-Live.

For the application(s) which you are responsible for, could you please email me with the version that you expect should be installed.

If you will be changing the version of your application, could you please start thinking about updating the installers script.

Our key milestones are:

  • 7 Jan 2012: Feature Freeze (installer scripts in place)
  • 4 Feb 2012: OSGeo-Live to UAT (all bugs out of installers and applications)
  • 25 Feb 2012: Final image sent to the printers
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