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OSGeo-Live 4.5 ready for testing

25 February 2011, sent to osgeo-live and osgeo-discuss list

All applications for the next OSGeo-Live release have been installed and checked, and we are looking for help with User Acceptance Testing. We'd like to ensure that each application is tested by at least 2 different people.

You can download the Virtual Machine from [1]

Tips for testing here [2]

We will be coordinating our testing effort in an IRC meeting at: irc:// early next week:

  • New York, USA: 3pm Monday 28 Feb
  • Western Europe: 8pm Monday 28 Feb
  • Sydney, Australia: 6am Tuesday 1 Mar

Also, we are still looking for a Quickstart for the following applications. Let me know if you can write one: gdal, postgis, gvsig, maptiler, zygrib

[1] OSGeo-Live Latest Downloads:

[2] Tips for Testing:

[3] Documentation Status:

[4] Docs nightly build:

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