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  • Press Release 14

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     1= Two weeks to translate OSGeo-Live documents=
     3''13 February 2011, send to OSGeo-Live translators''
     5OSGeo-Live translators,
     7We have almost all of our OSGeo-Live project Overviews reviewed and at "4.5final" status, which means they are ready to translate. The remainder should be ready in the next couple of days. (I'm still chasing a few projects).
     9We now have the opportunity to get these pages translated for the upcoming OSGeo-Live 4.5 release.
     11The translation process is described here:
     14For docs to meet our target release, they need to be ready by 28 February, in 2 weeks.
     15I'm hopeful that we can have the following translated:
     16all pages in doc/en/
     17all pages in doc/en/overview/
     19I'm not aiming to have standards/ or quickstarts/ translated for this release as they will not be reviewed in time. (I hope to have these included in the following OSGeo-Live 5.0 release in September).
     21I'd like to hear back from each language community and hear whether you anticipate completing translations within the above timeframe so that we can plan the documentation accordingly.
     23Feel free to forward this email onto your local communities who may wish to join your translation efforts.
     25= Who wants to help translate OSGeo-Live Project Overviews?=
     27''13 February 2011, sent to osgeo-discuss''
     29Our OSGeo-Live project overviews are almost all stable, and we now have a number of people translating them to various languages.
     31If you are bi-lingual, would like to see these marketing docs translated into your local language, and can help out, then we'd love to hear from you.
     33Below is a list of the languages and people who have been involved in translating to date.
     35* Language,i18n code, Name, Country, Email, Osgeo_id
     36* Spanish,es,Javier Sanchez,Spain,jsgisdev gmail com,jsanchez
     37* Spanish,es,Jorge Sanz,Spain,jsanz osgeo org,
     38* Italian,it,Massimo Di Stefano,Italy,massimodisasha gmail com,
     39* Italian,it,Marco Puppin,Italy,puppingeo gmail com,
     40* Italian,it,Anne Ghisla,Italy,a ghisla gmail com,aghisla
     41* German,de,Astrid Emde,Germany,astrid emde wheregroup com,astrid_emde
     42* German,de,Daniel Kastl,Germany,daniel georepublic de,
     43* German,de,Lars Lingner,Germany,lars lingner eu,gislars
     44* German,de,Ruth Schoenbuchner,Germany,ruth schoenbuchner csgis de,
     45* Greek,el,Angelos Tzotsos,Greece,tzotsos gmail com,kalxas
     46* Greek,el,Christos Iossifidis,Greece,chiossif gmail com,chiossif
     47* Greek,el,Argyros Argyridis,Greece, arargyridis gmail com, Argy7
     48* Greek,el,Aikaterini Kapsampeli,Greece, kapsamp mail ntua gr,topometal
     49* Japanese,ja,Haruyuki Seki,Japan,hal jp,
     50* Japanese,ja,Nobusuke Iwasaki,Japan,wata909 gmail com,
     51* Japanese,ja,Yoichi Kayama,Japan,yoichi.kayama gmail com,
     52* Polish,pl,Milena Nowotarska,Poland,do.milenki gmail com,milenan,