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     1= Ask Project Leaders to update status, install scripts and docs=
     3''Sent to all people nominated as project points of contact''
     511 December 2010
     9Your name is down as the point of contact for one of the applications on OSGeo-Live, listed here []. If this should be someone else, please let me know.
     11== Which application version?==
     12Could you please contact your community and determine which (stable) version of your application will be installed on the next release (feature freeze on 31 Jan 2011). We would like to know the proposed version within one week of today, if not sooner, by 17 Dec 2011.
     13Please update status here: []
     15Thank you to all projects who have updated this field already.
     17== Overview==
     19We want to get onto translating as soon as possible. So can you please update the Overview document [] to note the new version, (and if required, adjust the functionality list). Then move the Overview status [] to "4.5draft". (Our reviewers will then move the doc to 4.5final, and will allow translators to start working on your doc).
     21== Install Script:==
     22If you have not done so already, could you please update your install script to ensure it uses the proposed new version on OSGeo-Live. We are using the same Ubuntu 10.04 version as the last OSGeo-Live release, so there should be very little you will need to change in your install script.
     23If you wish to test your script, you can try testing it in Ubuntu 10.04, or on OSGeo-Live 4.0 [].
     25== Using our common Natural Earth dataset?==
     26In order to ensure consistency and reduce disk space used, we ask that, where appropriate, examples use the common Natural Earth dataset, as explained here: [5]
     27Can you please update the status [] noting whether your application will use the dataset as: "yes", "no", "won't".
     29== Quickstart:==
     30Can you please review your QuickStart and updated text if required. Quickstart writing guide is here: []. Once you have finished the Quickstart text and the Install script, please update status [] to "4.5draft". For this release we aim to have quickstarts for all applications, and hopefully also have screen grabs for each document. We have some volunteers who have offered to help out with some screen grabs once quickstarts have made it to the "4.5draft" status.
     32== Key Milestones:==
     34* 17 Dec 2011 Identify version to be installed on OSGeo-Live
     35* 24 Jan 2011 Overviews text ready for Review (sooner is better)
     36* 31 Jan 2011 Application Feature Freeze Quickstart text ready
     37* 21 Feb 2011 Deliver to User Acceptance Test
     38* 14 Mar 2011 Final sent to printer