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  • How to document a project

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    4444* Screenshots with large areas of constant color (menus, etc.) should be in PNG format, screenshots containing large areas of imagery (satellite images, shaded relief DEMs, etc.) should be in JPEG format.
    4545* For PNGs run a program like [ pngcrush] to reduce the size of the image without degrading quality.
     47= project_info.csv =
     48The [ project_info.csv] config table defines which projects are included in OSGeoLive docs during the doc build process.
     50Each project has a dedicated row with metadata and variables, with fields separated by the pipe `|` symbol.
     51Rows starting with a hash `#` symbol are comment rows. Rows have been organised into categories, and new projects should be inserted into the correct category.
     53Note: Documentation for a new project should only be enabled with oversight from the OSGeoLive Project Steering Committee.
     55The purpose of fields is described below.
     58# document? | slug |version| Quickstart? |Overview?|Section| last | One Liner| OpenHub name |URL|kind|name
     61== document ==
     63Add {{{Y}}} if the project documentation should be built.
     65If the project has been retired, change to {{{N}}} and move the row to the retired section.
     67== slug ==
     69Page name used to construct `logo-<slug>.png` `<slug>_screenshot.png` `<slug>_overview.rst` etc.
     70Page name can contains dashes, underscore, numbers or capital letters but no spaces.
     74* pgRouting is the real name of the project but the page name is {{{pgrouting}}}
     75* User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS is the real name of the project but udig is the page name
     76* it gives: `udig_overview.rst` `udig_quickstart.rst` `logo-udig.png` `udig-screensot.png`
     78== version ==
     80The project's software version.
     83* `2.14.14` for QGIS 2.14.14
     84* `4.3.0a` for 4.3.0 alpha release of Spatialite
     86== Quickstart? ==
     88Add {{{Y}}} if the documentation should build a quickstart page for this project, {{{N}}} if it shouldn't.
     90== Overview? ==
     92Add {{{Y}}} if the documentation should build an overview page for this project, {{{N}}} if it shouldn't.
     94== Classification ==
     95Select from one of the existing categories listed here. These categories are used for grouping projects in documentation and presentation.
     97Desktop GIS | Browser Facing GIS | Web Services | Data Stores | Navigation and Maps | Spatial Tools | Domain Specific GIS | Data | Geospatial Libraries
     99== last ==
     101Used only for deprecated / removed projects and contains the last version of OSGeoLive when the project was installed on OSGeoLive.
     103== One Liner ==
     105One line description that goes after the quickstart link in the Overview page.
     107== !OpenHub name ==
     109[ OSGeoLive's metrics page] presents [ OpenHub] metrics to help users assess the maturity of projects.
     111Provide the !OpenHub name.
     113For example:
     114This is the link to !OpenHub for pgRouting:
     117Then the ''!OpenHub name'' is **pgrouting**
     119== URL ==
     121Insert the URL of the project's homepage.
     123== kind ==
     124Your OSGeo project categorisation, as per . If associated with OSGeo, the corresponding OSGeo icon will be added to your project pages under the project logo.
     127* `OSGeo_community`
     128* `OSGeo_project`
     129* `OSGeo_incubation`
     130* blank
     132== name ==
     134Complete name of the project respecting the case (unlike slug).
     136For example pgRouting (slug is {{{pgrouting}}})