23 Dec 2015:

15:57 Ticket #1589 (Add folium v0.1.6) created by darkblueb
folium appears to …

18 Dec 2015:

10:17 Ticket #1588 (pgadmin not compatible with postgresql 9.4) created by kalxas
When using pgadmin to connect to local database a pop-up message …
09:26 Ticket #1587 (ZOO demo base map disapeared) created by kalxas
maps.opengeo.org is down, ZOO demo application needs a new base layer.
08:36 Ticket #1515 (ossim qt and ossim planet need a rebuild on top of new libossim-dev) reopened by kalxas
After upgrading GDAL to 1.11.3, ossim-qt and ossim-planet deb files …
08:30 Ticket #1586 (MapServer demo application not compatible with version 7.0) created by kalxas
After upgrading to MapServer 7.0 the demo application (from version …
08:03 Ticket #1584 (pycsw desktop file not present in debian package) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in 9.5alpha1

14 Dec 2015:

01:32 Ticket #1439 (include pywps in nightly builds) closed by kalxas
01:31 Ticket #1584 (pycsw desktop file not present in debian package) created by kalxas
From nightly build2: […]

12 Dec 2015:

12:39 Ticket #1399 (OpenJUMP fails on system with more than 4gb ram) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed fixed
12:37 Ticket #1540 (Credits slide in presentation does not render the contributors list) closed by kalxas
fixed: Seems fixed in the released docs for 9.0
08:09 Ticket #1582 (modemmanager breaks Ubuntu 14.04 update) closed by kalxas
04:10 Ticket #1582 (modemmanager breaks Ubuntu 14.04 update) created by kalxas
Similar to #1334 apt-get upgrade fails with […]
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