23 Feb 2014:

17:36 Ticket #1305 (python Iris on b3, not on b11138) created by darkblueb
the Iris build has some unclear errors in b11138 log, which are not …
11:09 Ticket #1281 (osm2pgrouting missing) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed in [11138]

22 Feb 2014:

20:17 Ticket #1304 (cartaro help page refers to PostGIS 1.5) created by darkblueb
at […]

21 Feb 2014:

20:54 Ticket #1302 (cartopy caches natural_earth shp files) created by darkblueb
cartopy by default, in order to cache natural_earth and other data, …
20:10 Ticket #1301 (Add python-mapnik) created by darkblueb
python-mapnik 2.2.0+dev20121011.git.38d9163-1~precise1 …

18 Feb 2014:

22:20 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
22:18 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
22:17 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
17:05 Ticket #1280 (Custom ossim build conflicts with otb and monteverdi) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed, new build is working with OTB. Thanks Massimo and Hamish.

14 Feb 2014:

23:02 Ticket #1300 (upgrade of postgis/mapnik broke gpsdrive) created by hamish
Hi, gpsdrive doesn't start because legacy_minimal.sql called from …
04:44 Ticket #1095 (gvSIG: update to refractions driver to be compatible with PostGIS 2.0) closed by jsanz
fixed: The new release gvSIG 2.1 doesn't need the legacy.sql loaded on PostGIS.
04:42 Ticket #1144 (Remove privative libraries from gvSIG package) closed by jsanz
fixed: The gvSIG 2.1 debian package doesn't include the privative libraries.

8 Feb 2014:

21:16 Ticket #1298 (netCDF et al) created by darkblueb
There has been some discussion about netCDF, python-netCDF and …
21:11 Ticket #1297 (Three GDALs) created by darkblueb
not so great.. Since it is probably not practical to change now, this …

3 Feb 2014:

05:55 Ticket #755 (geomajas quickstart requires maven, but maven not installed) closed by kalxas
fixed: The maven part was removed in [11046]

31 Jan 2014:

23:03 Ticket #1293 (Cartopy 0.8 NE2 Import Warnings) closed by darkblueb
fixed: well, its only a warning.. as a follow-up test, I ran seven examples …

30 Jan 2014:

19:15 Ticket #1293 (Cartopy 0.8 NE2 Import Warnings) created by darkblueb
(see screenshot) but, the examples dir is not on the disk, so users …

27 Jan 2014:

16:34 Ticket #1289 (rasdaman demo page not found) closed by kalxas
fixed: fixed in [11027] and [11028]
09:40 Ticket #1290 (Zoo Project needs packaging) created by kalxas
The old tarball is not built against new mapserver, gdal etc. We …
09:38 Ticket #1289 (rasdaman demo page not found) created by kalxas
There is an error when looking at http://localhost/rasdaman-demo
09:19 Ticket #1173 (pgadmin3 is several years old) closed by darkblueb
09:19 Ticket #1231 (Mapfish search query fails) closed by darkblueb
08:19 Ticket #1288 (GeoNode 2.0 depends on python-dev) created by kalxas
It seems that the configuration of GeoNode 2.0 final has changed from …
08:00 Ticket #1287 (ftools/gdal plugin fails to load for QGIS 2) closed by kalxas
fixed: I have created a new qgis2 build on OSGeoLive PPA, with dh-sip. In …
07:58 Ticket #1287 (ftools/gdal plugin fails to load for QGIS 2) created by kalxas

26 Jan 2014:

20:38 Ticket #1286 (Django 1.5x install method includes) created by darkblueb
An informational ticket - to record the difference in Django additions …
16:05 Ticket #1285 (python Iris) created by darkblueb
the (extensive) Iris library is currently at 1.40; there are …

20 Jan 2014:

09:26 Ticket #1279 (PostgreSQL 9.3 template encoding) closed by kalxas

14 Jan 2014:

02:27 Ticket #1281 (osm2pgrouting missing) created by kalxas
02:25 Ticket #1280 (Custom ossim build conflicts with otb and monteverdi) created by kalxas
02:24 Ticket #1279 (PostgreSQL 9.3 template encoding) created by kalxas
[…] and then: […]

12 Jan 2014:

16:09 Ticket #688 (Move tmp files to a subdir of tmp) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Since we are moving towards deb packaging of everything, this is not …
16:07 Ticket #1270 (libgdal1h, gdal-config, gdal binaries) closed by kalxas
fixed: ok so the gdal-config is found.
16:06 Ticket #1272 (PostGIS package built with libgdal1h) closed by kalxas
invalid: We have moved to one PPA for OSGeoLive, so this gets closed.

5 Jan 2014:

04:27 Ticket #1275 (Create a Marble 1.7 backport for the latest OSGeo LiveDVD) created by tackat
- The most easy port is the Marble-Qt port which provides all …

28 Dec 2013:

15:18 Ticket #1272 (PostGIS package built with libgdal1h) created by darkblueb
johanvdw has built a PostGIS package using libgdal1h and PostgreSQL …

27 Dec 2013:

11:33 Ticket #1271 (matplotlib - then and now) created by darkblueb
many packages in UbuntuGIS-unstable refer to matplotlib …

22 Dec 2013:

17:39 Ticket #1270 (libgdal1h, gdal-config, gdal binaries) created by darkblueb
This ticket is for two things.. one is that gdal-config is not …

7 Dec 2013:

14:57 Ticket #1261 (http://home.gdal.org/tmp/vcredist_x86.exe going away) created by warmerdam
I noticed that load_win_installers.sh pulls the Visual C++ …
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