30 Jun 2012:

10:30 Ticket #923 (zygrib launcher missing) created by kalxas
zygrib can be launched from terminal, but launcher icon is missing
10:28 Ticket #922 (udig includes a custom java jvm) created by kalxas
Since from version 6.0 we are moving to openjdk7, udig should be fixed …
10:26 Ticket #921 (tinyows is failing to install) created by kalxas
unable to be found through apt
10:19 Ticket #920 (gosmore stuck in a loop with 100% cpu) created by kalxas
gosmore is causing 100% CPU and does not complete startup
10:14 Ticket #919 (mapnik demo not working) created by kalxas
pressing the button "Start mapnik and tilelite" crashes. Demo page …
10:12 Ticket #918 (maptiler launcher is missing from Geospatial menu) created by kalxas
the software is installed but the launcher does not exist.
10:10 Ticket #917 (mapfish demo not working) created by kalxas
Trying to access http://localhost/mapfishsample/osgeolive/wsgi/ gives …
10:08 Ticket #916 (gvSIG blocks apt and breaks the build process) created by kalxas
this is planned to be fixed in 1.12RC
10:06 Ticket #915 (JAVA_HOME variable not set for openjdk7) created by kalxas
This causes both Geoserver and Geonetwork to break.
06:04 Ticket #914 (Permissions on user's .qgis directory) created by micha
The directory ~user/.qgis is owned by root. As a result 'user' cannot …

27 Jun 2012:

13:43 Ticket #863 (bootable USB creation issues) closed by wildintellect
wontfix: Yes, from testing you must use the equivalent or newer version of …

25 Jun 2012:

04:09 Ticket #911 (bootloader install failed on install to hard drive) created by mattjs
"Booloader install failed" cannot be resolved or overridden by either: …

28 May 2012:

04:34 Ticket #903 (gvSIG doesn't load raster files) created by jsanz
It seems libssl and libcrypto versions on Xubuntu 12.04 are not …

26 May 2012:

14:17 Ticket #902 ([doc] HTTP 404 If the user hits the same languages twice) closed by fgdrf
fixed: see changeset:7970

25 May 2012:

13:21 Ticket #902 ([doc] HTTP 404 If the user hits the same languages twice) created by fgdrf
like the summary describes, it happens if the user selects the current …

11 May 2012:

14:38 Ticket #896 (sphinx doc build is broken because of BOM) created by fgdrf
Error in daily build log: […] Error is because of Byte order Mark …

3 May 2012:

02:50 Ticket #891 (docs: the sponsor pages are different between the different translations) created by fgdrf
After the add on of the OSGeo Icon on top of the page the whole page …

27 Apr 2012:

13:21 Ticket #882 (Update sphinx Makefile required for doc build) closed by fgdrf
12:42 Ticket #881 (Switch between languages should consider current page) closed by fgdrf
fixed: from each side its possible to switch language without loosing the context.

19 Apr 2012:

11:57 Ticket #884 (Doc quickstart.html and test.html aren't referenced in any document) created by fgdrf
Do we still need this documents? * Could somebody please explain …

18 Apr 2012:

10:50 Ticket #882 (Update sphinx Makefile required for doc build) created by fgdrf
Within the Makefile of the sphinx documentation the TRANSLATIONS

15 Apr 2012:

23:50 Ticket #881 (Switch between languages should consider current page) created by fgdrf
To improve Browsing behavior between languages the header links …

12 Apr 2012:

08:11 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
Mapbender - link modified (diff)
02:16 Ticket #878 (Improve OSGeo-Live DVD label) created by camerons
On 12/04/2012 7:08 AM, Markus Neteler wrote: > Hi, > > I would like to …
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