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    11bump **12dev** alpha1; degree announces 3.4 release today on OSGeo-General mailing list
     5We're happy to announce the final release version 3.4.0 of deegree
     6webservices! It has been a while for getting it through the OGC CITE
     7tests - but it is done now! deegree webservices 3.4.0 has passed the
     8compliance tests successfully [1].
     10* New bug fix release: 3.4.0 *
     12- Download:
     13- Documentation:
     14- Changelog for 3.4.0 [2].
     16deegree 3.4 comes with quite a lot of improvements:
     17* 13 new features
     18* 112 enhancements
     19* 171 bug fixes
     21You can help us by downloading and testing the new deegree release version and
     22report any issue you may encounter to the github issue tracker [3].
     26Please note that deegree webservices 3.3 is reaching end-of-life and
     27there may be one
     28more patch release later this year for it - if needed. There are still
     29some pending pull requests for 3.3. We kindly remind all committers to
     30support the TMC to get those pull requests handled in timely manner.
     32If you have not upgraded to deegree 3.4, we encourage you to do so
     33as soon as possible. The deegree 3.4.x line requires at least JDK 8 as a
     34runtime environment. So, please be prepared to upgrade your environment soon!
     36Many thanks also to the sponsors of this year's OSGeo Code Sprint in
     37Bonn. We got some stuff done there! [4]
     40deegree Development Team & TMC members