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#2043 fixed Make develop/overview like master/overview cvvergara bakaniko

The overview develop branch for milestone 11 needs to have the same order of the projects as the current one:

Right now all the sections are scrambled, and cesium is missing

#2237 fixed Download and save translated strings cvvergara cvvergara

Download from transifex all translated strings We have 28 languages: from those: 8 languages have no work done 12 have more than 30% work done 8 have less than 30% work done

Before switching back to the changes flicstar made, we need a safe place to store the work done from the translators with the documentation up to version 13.0.0

  • In case of any mishap with transifex we have the translations

Made the Milestone to live up to the end of this year.

#2254 fixed [translations] Actions & travis cvvergara cvvergara

Travis is taking around 16 minutes to check links in 4 languages

Move the link checking of languages to github actions as they can run in parallel, it takes less time to check the links.

How "should" it work:

  • English links is always checked
  • if the (last) commit message has the string [<lang>] that language links is checked

for example:

Commit msg Action
[es] updating links will only trigger Spanish translations link checking. (and English)
[es][de] downloading translations will trigger Spanish & German translations link checking. (and English)
change mapserver version will trigger only the English link checking
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