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#778 duplicate regression test live-demo@… jive

During the run up the the latest release; one of the only ways to make progress was to watch people on IRC manually go through the ISO contents and type "ls -a" in each directory.

With that in mind I would like to propose a "regression test" for the osgeo live project. This is based on the cheap and easy way of making regression tests used for Java projects (where you take all the test logs into a single file; and then do a diff from the previous nightly build; and email the diff to the developers list).

Note this is a proper regression test - it does not detect failure - only changes. Even if you just ignore the emails and sort them into a folder - you can still sift through the emails at a later date in order to sort out exactly when things changed.

So here is the plan:

1) do we have a nightly or weekly build resulting in an ISO? 2) write a script to mount the ISO; and perform an "ls -a -R > osgeolive20110923.txt" 3) continue the script to perform a diff between todays contents; and the day before 4) email the diff to the developer list

#790 duplicate 52N SOS doesn't have a stop icon live-demo@… camerons

52N SOS has a start icon that can be selected, but not a stop. Can a stop be created, such that it will free up memory for other apps to run.

#891 duplicate docs: the sponsor pages are different between the different translations live-demo@… fgdrf

After the add on of the OSGeo Icon on top of the page the whole page is a bit mixed up. The paragraph The OSGeo Foundation should be together at one place in combination with the logo (Icon)

An Update is required for the following languages, because they are different to the origin language:

  • Polish
  • German
  • Spanish and
  • Japanese

In addition the icon alignment in paragraph OSGeo Associate Sponsors seems to be defferent between the languages

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