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#532 worksforme VMware client Xorg unable to log in live-demo@… wildintellect

On VMWare Server 2.x It does appear that using any kernel newer than the base kernel (might be related xorg package) on Xubuntu 9.10 causes an odd glitch where the login page comes up but X restarts after login and tosses you back out to the login page.

Sometimes going into xterm session and running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

then exiting to restart X resolves the issue for a single login. Reading online hardcoding resolutions might also solve the issue with an xorg.conf file.(Note Xubuntu by default no longer has a xorg.conf file so you have to create it.)

This issue does not effect VirtualBox, might effect VMware player and is unlikely to effect the live DVD/USB.

Should we temporarily disable the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to exlude kernel updates? I also think we should modify the ubuntu config to only notify users about updates every 3-7 days. So that a normal person using it in a workshop will never see the update prompt.

#541 fixed Incorrect hostname on ISO live-demo@… wildintellect

Remastersys seems to drop the hostname from the original build and simply reuses the username so on the iso you get user@user: instead of user@osgeolive

Not clear if there is a setting in remastersys.conf to change this.

#542 fixed Postgis & pgRouting Icon live-demo@… wildintellect

Right now we have a pgadmin shortcut but that might not be clear to people that don't realize that is the quickest tool to interact with postgis and pgrouting. Maybe we should rename the shortcut and/or create shortcuts for Postgis and pgRouting that go their documentation pages and include a pgadmin launch button in the docs.

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