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#752 fixed 52N WPS example queries an external WPS, causing errors when not connected live-demo@… camerons

When disconnected from the internet, and following the Quickstart steps by executing the default WPS query installed on OSGeo-Live, I'm finding that I'm getting "Invalid Parameter" values when following the Quickstart steps and sending a request. This might be because I'm not connected to the internet, and were seems to be a dataURL: ...

When connected to the internet, this works fine.

This breaks our goal of having all applications and demos working without requiring to be connected to the internet.

#791 invalid 52N WSS doesn't have a stop icon live-demo@… camerons

52N WSS has a start icon that can be selected, but not a stop. Can a stop be created, such that it will free up memory for other apps to run.

#753 fixed 52nWSS not working properly on OSGeoLive? live-demo@… camerons

I've been running osgeolive5.0b4 in a virtual machine, and testing 52nWSS.

I've been following steps in the Quickstart:

I'm able to get up to step 5: http://localhost:8080/wss/service/wms_demis/httpauth?SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilties <http://localhost:8080/wss/service/wms_demis/httpauth?SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilties>

But after entering alice/alice, I get: <ServiceException? code="AuthorizationFailed?">unexpected exception ...

I assume that I should be getting a Capabilities response?

Could you please investigate. You you be able to find someone to help you run the VM by talking to us on irc://

Or you can download the VM from:

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