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#1078 fixed QGIS Quickstart review — several defects amuriy amuriy

Chapter "Edit QGIS project":

1) We read:

Check ne_10m_populated_places in the Layers tree

But in TOC layer name is "ne_10m_populated_places_simple"

2) By default group layer "Water" is active.

Chapter "Using the GRASS Toolbox":

1) We read about NVIZ:

In the new module tab that pops open, select the elevation map as the map for elevation.

But the layer "elevation" is unavailable in list, because it was not opened in QGIS.

2) NVIZ crashed with the error:

G_malloc: unable to allocate 240080400 bytes at gsds.c:575
Finished with error
#1083 fixed GRASS Quickstart review — several defects live-demo@… amuriy

1) In section "Running" read: "To run GRASS on the Live DVD, click on the GRASS link on the desktop."

But we don't have GRASS link on the desktop, but it's GRASS launcher in "Desktop GIS" directory on the desktop.

2) [Start Grass] needs to be [Start GRASS]

3) "This will launch GRASS with our brand new GUI written in wxPython". Need to change link on wxGUI from "" to local page.

4) In section "Create a shaded relief map" read: "Start by verifying that the computational region is set match the raster map of interest, “elevation” in the PERMANENT mapset."

We have raster map "elevation" in <nc_basic_spm> location, but on the picture we see shaded relief of raster "elevation.10m" from Spearfish location. It needs to be clarified what location/mapset with what raster we use in example.

5) In section "Watersheds and streams", as earlier, it needs to change raster name "elevation@PERMANENT" to "elevation.10m@PERMANENT" or make picture with NC location.

6) In section "Vector modules" read: "In the dialog that opens make sure that basins @user1 is selected for the input map"

We don't have raster map "basins@user1", but "basins@PERMANENT". And in section "Watersheds and streams" we dealt with raster "elev.basins".

#1443 wontfix OpenLayers overview and quickstart live-demo@… asantiago

The script is prepared to install both OL2 and OL3 but documentation at overview and quickstart is currently only for OL3. If we want to include both versions we need to recover the previous versions of files and name them differently.

Following this, we may create two different install scripts.

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