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#621 fixed symbolic link data /usr/local/share/udig/udig-data sac@… jive

This was formally available via the users home directory "data" folder; this no longer is available allowing uDig to fail as the quickstart does not match the dvd contents.

Was a decision made to handle the data directory differently?

Going through the script I find that data ends up in:

  • /usr/local/share/udig/

Can the symbolic link be restored or can we put the data in the users home directory as is done for other sample data?

#622 fixed udig wms fails to renderer live-demo@… jive

This is a known issue with udig-1.2-RC3 included on the live dvd; will issue a release and update the script.

#624 fixed livedvd/content.html lists wrong versinos of Geopublsiher and AtlasStyler alfonx alfonx

Talking about:

  1. Versionnumber has to be updated to 1.5
  2. Shoud be seperated into two paragraphs: one for geopublisher, one for atlasstyler
  3. doc/geopublishing_description.html can then be deleted, as there exist doc/overview/geopublisher_overview.rst and doc/overview/atlasstyler_overview.rst

Please point be to the files I have to look at, and I will fix it myself,


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