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#702 fixed Create directories for Win and Mac installers at wildintellect camerons

Alex, Can you please create a directory of installers at: and

our docs reference the above directories

#747 fixed "right" directive not working when generating osgeo-live docs using sphinx live-demo@… camerons

On ubuntu 11.04 (which is what osgeo-live 5.0 is based upon), the image ":align: right" directive doesn't seem to be getting recognized, as images are displayed in the center of display instead of on the right, as they should be. This text was rendered correctly for osgeo-live 4.5 on ubuntu 10.04.

An example of RST text is here:

.. image:: ../../images/screenshots/800x600/openlayers-basic.png
  :scale: 100 %
  :alt: screenshot
  :align: right

Attached to this ticket are 3 different screen shots:

  • ubuntu11.04.png: This is an example of the image being displayed in the center of the display instead of the right.
  • This image is what is displayed for release 4.5, and is the way the rendering should look
  • is an image of the nightly build. This has a different problem in the relative size of images is not being respected.
#750 fixed ushahidi doesn't connect to DB during quickstart setup live-demo@… camerons

Running osgeolive5.0b5, I open a clean VM, then open ushahidi application by selecting ushahidi from the pull down menu.

I then start following the steps of the quickstart:

Choose “Basic Installation”, “Let’s get started”, and it will prompt you for a few details. The database name is “ushahidi”, database user name is “user”, the password is also “user”. The database host is “localhost”. Then continue.

I then get the following error: "Oops! We couldn't make a connection to the database server with the credentials given. Please make sure they are correct."

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