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#1776 fixed Install libgdal-grass metapackage instead of version specific library package live-demo@… Bas Couwenberg

Starting from libgdal-grass (2.1.1-1~exp1) the libgdal-grass source package provides the libgdal-grass metapackage which depends on the version specific library package (e.g. libgdal20-2.1.1-grass).

The metapackage is intended to ease installation and upgrade of the version specific library package, and is suggested by the gdal-bin package (not recommended to avoid a circular dependency that would complicate upgrades).

Once the GDAL packages in OSGeo-Live are upgraded to version 2.1.1 or later attachment:install_grass.patch can be applied to install the metapackage instead of the version specific library package, removing the need to change the version in the install script every time the GDAL version changes.

#2137 fixed Remove pyspatialite package from PPA osgeolive@… Bas Couwenberg

The pyspatialite package was only used for QGIS 2.x, since QGIS 3.x it is no longer used (the SQLite bindings are used with load_extension).

The package should be removed from the PPA like it has been from Debian unstable.

#1003 fixed EOxServer documentation schpidi schpidi

EOxServer was agreed to be included in 6.0 in beta status meaning that the docs are on the DVD, but not linked from the index page, and install script isn't run during the build process, but can be run afterwards.

However, in r8774 the link slipped in. It has been removed in the 6.0 branch with r9119 and in trunk with r9120.

It was agreed to review EOxServer's inclusion for the OSGeoLive 6.5 release.

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