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#473 wontfix ? live-demo@… hamish


create a script in the release branch to do any cleanups/bug fixes needed since the ISO went to print.

these should be expected to work off the latest release of the ISO, but also cleanly skip any fixes which have already been applied.

this way users/lab runners can quickly get systems up to date.

cd /usr/local/share/gisvm
# maybe switch burnt repo to correct release branch here
svn up

For the 2.0 release I was thinking about if someone figures out how to do cosmetic stuff like pre-arrange the desktop icons or place the cpu load widget in the taskbar.

or the possibility to clean up some bug is found..

#474 fixed include postgis 1.4 live-demo@… hamish

We all agree it would be great to include PostGIS 1.4 on the live DVD. The question is when.

I now realize that there isn't a ticket for this (the one I had in the back of my mind was the wish for Postgres 8.4). As there is ongoing unhappiness about this situation (and we want our valued colleagues to be happy; this is supposed to be fun), and the discussion on-list has stalled, I'm creating a ticket for it. For anyone following the list there is very little new here; just summarizing.

There is already PostGIS 1.3 installed on the disc and it is used by a couple of projects. 1.4 would be a concurrent upgrade to that on its own for folks to explore. There is nothing inherently broken about 1.3 besides that it does not have all of the latest exciting features.

1.4 is only yet packaged for Debian in Experimental for two weeks (since long time maintainer Fabio orphaned it); it is not yet into Debian/Unstable or Testing, and not yet into Ubuntu anything (which IIUC filters in from Testing). Read all about it:

Note this is nothing to do with the code quality or readiness of the PostGIS source code; this has everything to do with how the compiling and packaging interacts with the rest of the system and other packages, and the livedvd freeze and release cycle.

As posted to the mailing list I'd like to see a few things before I'd be satisfied that it would be safe to be included on the next round of new features. These are:

  • build the complete live dvd from the latest SVN and post the build logs for review. (to show that it does not break any other package at build-time.)
    • this build log can now be found in beta5; looks clean enough. next step is user run-time testing.
  • a listing of what 'make install' copies into the filesystem. e.g. as I understand it there will be two different versions of shp2pgsql and pgsql2shp installed, v1.3 in /usr/bin, v1.4 in /usr/local/bin; and to show that all .so-names are unique.
    • Still waiting to see a patch and install mainifest. Known are bin/shp2pgsql and bin/pgsql2shp and their man pages. Possible conflict with shared lib of the same name from 1.3 if liblwgeom.a gets installed (I don't think it is, but not sure). A patch should be submitted renaming those programs to eg shp2pgsql14, and it must be shown that they statically link against it, and that other packages' software will not try to statically link against liblwgeom.a. Other conflicts?

In general I would follow DebianGIS's packaging as a guide, and much prefer to use their Postgres 8.4 and PostGIS 1.4 packages directly once they hit the main archives, and rather move this discussion over there. see

The wheels are already in spin for it to be in the next cut, just not this one. No project is immune from teething problems.

regards, Hamish

#475 fixed Test Install of ISO kalxas wildintellect

Can someone test if clicking the install button works work on a real machine or virtual machine? It would be nice to know if we should warn people that the install doesn't work right or not.

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