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#1162 fixed 000-default is not a symlink live-demo@… ingenieroariel

One of the script is modifying it and making it a file instead of a symlink. This can trip up people modifying the original file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

#788 fixed 5.0 rc5 hand fixes to make release wildintellect wildintellect

This is just to document the fixes we made after building 5rc5. We made a script to do it and committed all needed resources to svn. Procedure:

  • svn up ~/gisvm on a VM (not a copy of iso)
  • download this script to gismv/bin
  • run this script
  • redo VM packaging and iso building
#1315 fixed 52 North Quickstart improvements live-demo@… camerons

Review of 52North WPS Quickstart: This quickstart provides a good example, but is missing the standard layout expected of a quickstart. See the UDig quickstart as an example.

First sentence should be: 52 North WPS is ...

Then: This quickstart describes how to ...

Add a TOC

Text: "Click on the link to open the 52nWPS-TestClient?." Comment: Suggest update image with a red circle in the image, showing where to click. (Eg see gvsig quickstart)

Text: "Make sure that you have started GeoServer?"... Comment: Describe how to start GeoServer?. (Many new users won't know what GeoServer? is, or how to start it).

Comment: Missing step "Select SimpleBuffer_out_wfs.xml"

Add a "Things to try" heading and a "What next" heading.

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