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Typically the OSGeo4W tree is installed in C:\OSGeo4W but it is permitted to be located anywhere on the system. All paths below are relative to the user selected root directory.

  • /apache: Apache ウェブサーバー
  • /apache/htdocs: ウェブドキュメントディレクトリ。ウェブアプリケーションはこのディレクトリ内に.pkgファイルしか含みません。"ウェブアプリケーションパッケージガイドライン" セクションを参照してください。
  • /apps: Directory for applications that need their own directory tree, and don't fit conveniently into /bin, /lib, etc. Each app appearing here should have a subdirectory with a name closely related to the name of the package.
  • /bin: most .exe and .dll files intended to be in the user path. The apache alias '/cgi-bin/' also points to this /bin directory.
  • /etc/ini: .bat files to be called from OSGEO4W_ROOT/osgeo4w.bat - usually these contain SET statements for required environment variables.
  • /etc/postinstall: per package post-install scripts
  • /etc/setup: used by cygwin setup to keep track of installed packages.
  • /http.d: apache configuration files, one per package. See the "Web Application Package Guidelines" section below for more information.
  • /include: include files required for building additional packages and executables.
  • /lib: static and stub libraries required for building additional packages and executables.
  • /share: スタティックサポートデータファイル
  • /src: When available source packages should unpack here with a directory name matching the package name.
  • /tmp - 一時ファイルに保存するためのディレクトリ (non-web-accessible)
  • /tmp/ms_tmp/: ウェブアクセス可能な一時ファイルに保存するためのディレクトリ
  • /var: currently used by Cygwin setup.exe