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Python =

  • Python commandline interpreter, and libraries.
  • The interpreter can be invoked as python in the osgeo4w shell.
  • The Python interpreter is not associated with the .py extension in the shell, so you can run .py files directly.
  • Documentation is not included (beyond builtin doc strings)
  • Tcl support is not included.
  • NumPy is a distinct add on package due to it's size.

Packager Notes

  • This package is harvested from the standard Python 2.5.2 .msi installer from
  • New Python extensions should be unpacked in osgeo4w\apps\Python25\Lib\site-packages
  • Include files and libraries are included, but in the apps\Python25 tree. The distutils/ settings should be correct.
  • Extensions may need to be compiled with VC7.1 to be compatible.
  • etc\ini\python.bat set PYTHONHOME to control sys.prefix and finding of libraries, etc. This should supercede any other python on the system when python is run within the OSGeo4W shell.


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