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Steps to Translate OSGeo4W-setup.exe

  • checkout local copy of setup files from Subversion, for example:
      svn co setup --username yourname
  • copy res_en.rc and rename extension to your new language, such as:
  • modify line#1 and #2 for your new language
  • replace English installer text in all CONTROL, CAPTION, LTEXT, RTEXT objects, such as:
      CAPTION "OSGeo4Wセットアップ-インストールタイプの選択"
    • be careful of making sure that the interface accelerators are kept, such as "(&D)":
           CONTROL         "インストールせずにダウンロード(&D)",
    • you might have to modify the size/spacing of your new strings in the objects. For example, the values below for "71,120,200,10" mean: x,y,width,height - you might have to change the width value for longer translated strings
      CONTROL         "ローカルディレクトリからインストール(&L)",IDC_SOURCE_CWD,"Button",
                      BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON | WS_TABSTOP,71,120,200,10
  • include your new res_[lang].rc file at the bottom of the file res.rc such as:
      #include "res_en.rc"
      #include "res_ja.rc"
  • complile your new setup.exe, by following the steps in SetupDevelopment
  • test your new translated setup.exe
  • commit your changes to Subversion
  • inform the mailing list of your new translation
    • you might need assistance to publish the live osgeo4w-setup.exe to the download server (inform mailing list)

Documentation Translation

  • to be determined