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Repoint to new location and revise git pull to follow gitea staging/production branches

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Thanks so much for helping us get a Wordpress instance set up. We have everything configured now and would like to go live with it. Could you please epoint to

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comment:1 by timlinux, 4 years ago

Hi can I just check if anyone has noticed this issue? It would be great to get the new site online.

Also, could you please point the staging url to the current site so points to the wordpress site you set up points to our current live site (

Thanks so much!



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comment:2 by robe, 4 years ago

I'm on it now. I'll create a new site based on your staging one so you can still have a staging.

I'll let you know once I have in place.

comment:3 by robe, 4 years ago

Okay repointed now. I still have git repo only feeding to staging.

To feed to prod as well, I'm going to put in a text file in git for prod.

So would be something like prod.txt.

So if the file is present, it will push changes to prod as well and if the file is not present changes will only go to staging.

comment:4 by robe, 4 years ago

forgot to mention, it might not have propagated for you yet since you visit the site often.

Once it's propagated. You should be able to access it via

comment:5 by robe, 4 years ago

Okay I have the prod.txt/dev.txt switch file in place now.

I see though that you guys are making content changes in staging though and I have the two databases different at the moment.

e.g. this page exists in Staging, but not in prod.

, but not in

Should I reupdate the production database.

The staging should be used for testing themes before deployment to production as such a change could break the site. It can also be used for testing how content looks, but these can not be automatically be pushed to production database.

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comment:6 by strk, 4 years ago

May I suggest to map git branches to staging/production instead of a file ?

I'm thinking it would be hard to work on a staging change while at the same time having the need to fix a typo in production otherwise.

comment:7 by timlinux, 4 years ago

Thanks so much for this @robe!

@Edgar can you document the workflows somewhere? If Regina has set up the staging instance for us we don't need to self manage one on the Amazon Web Server from Ragnvald so lets rather shut that down and use the OSGEO provided one.

@Edgar can you also comment if the git workflow is clear for you?

comment:8 by mloweedgar, 4 years ago

@Tim I have understood the both work flows. I think we are going for the branching work flow that is having staging and production branches. @robe we would prefer using branches, my question is, should create the staging/production branches or you are going to do that for us. my apologizes for writing this comment late.

comment:9 by robe, 4 years ago

You can go ahead and branch and name as you see fit. Just let me know when you are done and then I'll change the pull scripts accordingly to point to the respective branches.

comment:10 by beaty, 4 years ago

Thanks all for pushing this forward. @robe we have created staging and production branches which will be used to push changes to the staging and production(live) sites respectively. you can now change the pull scripts accordingly to the respective branches @robe. Thanks in advance.

comment:11 by robe, 4 years ago

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Okay I have now following the production branch and now following the staging branch. I've deleted the dev.txt file to minimize on confusion and updated the READMEs to reflect the new workflow.

comment:12 by robe, 4 years ago

Summary: Please repoint to 2018.foss4g.orgRepoint to new location and revise git pull to follow gitea staging/production branches

comment:13 by timlinux, 4 years ago

Thank you so much for your support Regina!

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