A XSL Transform that converts ArcIMS .axl files into ~equivalent Mapserver .map files. This transform does the grunt work involved in translating ArcIMS .axl files into Mapserver .map files. The transform isn't perfect. Limitations of XSL and some differences between .axl format and .map format make it difficult to convert everything perfectly. Translation of layers with basic styling and scale restrictions works well. After the script is run, some manual effort is required to fill in the missing details in the output .map file. In particular, the layer DATA lines may be incomplete. How to run it: Run the XSL Transform through any XSL engine. I've always used Java Xalan, but it should work with other engines too.

java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -IN foo.axl -XSL axl2map.xsl -OUT
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