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Welcome to The Symbology Exchange. This section is for TrueType Font (TTF) symbols. Post your font files, or links thereto, here. We hope you find something useful.


  • Please post a description of your symbols. "Font with lots of symbols" is nice, but if you can list what they are or at least say whether there's a focus, that would be great.
  • If you can post a link to see your symbol in action, that would be great.

From Dave Fawcett's wiki page: a line of arrows

Posted by HostGIS 2007-08-09

Using the Verdana font, one can draw the > character creatively to make a line made of arrows...

  NAME "arrow"
  FONT verdana
  FILLED true
  GAP -70

And to see it in action:

  SYMBOL "circle"
  COLOR 128 128 128
  SIZE 1
  SYMBOL "arrow"
  COLOR 128 128 128
  SIZE 8

Emergency Response Operations Symbology

Posted by Bill Thoen at 2007-08-10

Link to symbols page

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Homeland Security Working Group has developed a standard set of symbols for use by the Emergency Management and First Responder communities at all levels of need (i.e. National, State, Local and Incident). To view the symbols, click on the "reference" tabs on the URL above. The Download tab takes you to the actual symbols.

Collection of Symbols

Posted by Bill Thoen 2007-08-10

A collection of TTF symbols is available from under the "TrueType Symbols" link. The following categories are listed and include preview links:

  • Animals
  • Cartographic
  • Natural Resources
  • Park
  • Recreational
  • Signs
  • Sports
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