PerlMapScript with Perl5.8

Contributed by Joe Bussell

The interface code in mapscript_wrap.c is broken for PERL 5.8. Specifically, the macro XS(boot_mapscript) must be declared if the PERL object is not declared.

In my world line 431 which reads: SWIGEXPORT(void) boot_mapscript(CV* cv);

should be replaced with: XS(boot_mapscript);

How does this bug manifest itself? In what mapserver version?

My mapserver-4.2.3/mapscript/perl/mapscript_wrap.c:811 has

 #define SWIG_init    boot_mapscript

 #define SWIG_name   "mapscriptc::boot_mapscript"
 #define SWIG_prefix "mapscriptc::"

 #ifdef __cplusplus
 extern "C"
 #ifndef PERL_OBJECT
 SWIGEXPORT(void) SWIG_init (CV* cv);
 SWIGEXPORT(void) SWIG_init (pTHXo_ CV* cv);

Which looks like it has some changes.

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