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Grid object not in 4.0 map file reference

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The Grid object does not appear in the 4.0 map file reference.

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OK I'm looking at mapfile.c to find out info about the GRID object and need some
help to document it.  From what I can see (and my limited C knowlege):

- GRID object is part of the LAYER OBJECT
- possible parameters are:

MINARCS [double]
MAXARCS [double]

From a CVS log, i see that John implemented this object (whom I have CC'd), and
I have a few questions.  I assumed the grid object would be beneath the MAP
object, as it is more of a "global" setting.  Why is it part of the LAYER object?  
Also, am I correct on the parameters above?  What can users enter for
"LABELFORMAT".  If you can give a brief description of the parameters that would
be great.
Maybe an example of a layer containing a grid object would also be helpful.  thanks.

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John emailed me info on this..accepting bug.

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added GRID object to main 4.1-dev CVS mapfile doc (confused as to what the
branch names are now for the doc CVS...anyone know?).

Questions for John Novak:

- I would think that the most popular labelformat would be degrees only (e.g.
"45", and not "45.00" or "45 00" or "45 00 00") this currently possible?

- i tried putting in the labelformat parameters in lowercase and it doesn't like
that..shouldn't a lowercase "ddmmss" be acceptable?

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by dmorissette

For the mapserver_docs CVS, the main trunk is still the 4.1-dev, it has not been
branched yet for 4.2/4.3. This means that any change in the main trunk at this
point is for version 4.2.  I don't think I'm very clear...does my explanation
make sense?
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