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upgrade SOS to 1.0.0

Reported by: cplist Owned by: tomkralidis
Priority: normal Milestone: 5.2 release
Component: SOS Server Version: svn-trunk (development)
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Cc: assefa


SOS is currently v 0.1.2. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please.) Are there any plans to upgrade to v 1.0?

Correct. 0.1.2 and 1.0 don't have too much difference. When 1.0.0 is fully released proper (i.e. and are updated), we'll update to 1.0.0.

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comment:1 by tomkralidis, 17 years ago

Cc: assefa added
Milestone: 5.2 release
Version: unspecifiedsvn-trunk (development)

FYI beginning attempts in r6937, r6938, plus some housecleaning in r6946.

comment:2 by tomkralidis, 17 years ago

more updates in r6974

comment:3 by cplist, 17 years ago

Hi, guys. I'm keeping one eye on this and will hopefully be in a position to test this sometime this wk. Sorry to be MIA.

comment:4 by tomkralidis, 16 years ago

more updates in r7275. Properly supports OWS Common 1.1.0 now, as well as Filter 1.1.0

comment:5 by tomkralidis, 16 years ago

(i.e. Filter 1.1.0 for Capabilities, that is)

comment:6 by tomkralidis, 16 years ago

FYI, with the #2477 fix, we now have a valid XML document for GetCapabilities requests! On to GetObservation.

comment:7 by tomkralidis, 16 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

We've got things working so that basic SOS 1.0.0 (using OM 1.0.0 and SWE Common 1.0.1) is supported for all core operations, in trunk.

There are some rough edges which we are working on under the auspices of the CITE testing. Those can be followed in further detail through #2467 and / or

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